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6. Delivery Horizon

6.5 Feedback and Learning

Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide

At the Delivery Horizon, feedback is rapid and ideally in small chunks. Each story delivers a small and rapidly delivered increment of value. Typically, it is not until a collection of stories, delivered over multiple increments, that significant feedback is attained. Business analysis practitioners evaluate the feedback from implemented stories and refine the backlog by identifying what is and is not likely to deliver value. Items in the backlog can be re-prioritized, changed, or removed and new stories can be added based on the reassessment of potential value from the feedback and learning. The agile business analysis principles of Avoid Waste and Analyze to Determine What is Valuable guide the decision making when refining the backlog.

All feedback and learning is considered in the context of the other horizons. If the learning suggests the entire initiative or strategy might need to adapt, it can be used as feedback to the Initiative or Strategy Horizons.

Feedback and learning can occur both in structured processes such as retrospectives or reviews, as well as informally through day-to-day interactions and implementations.