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IIBA Members have access to resources and events from hundreds of Chapters in many languages and time zones around the world! IIBA Chapters connect Members with other business analysis professionals that understand what you do. Take part in Chapter events. Make lifelong connections. Build your competencies and your community.





Chapter Directory & Websites

Sign into a Chapter site to access news, events and resources.  

All IIBA Chapter websites are available to Members using their login credentials. Many include templates, special events, study materials, and more! 

Please note a few websites exist outside of IIBA’s platform. Reach out to these Chapters via their websites if you’re interested in knowing more about them.  

Chapter Website Resources


How Does Chapter Membership Work? 

IIBA Members have access to every Chapter in the world! However, a Member is affiliated with one Chapter in their profile: think of it as your home base! IIBA Members usually choose the Chapter they interact with the most, but can change it any time in their profile.

When you join IIBA, you can choose your Chapter affiliation. If you do not choose one, you are assigned a Chapter based on your address. If there is no existing Chapter near you, you are assigned to IIBA’s Connections – your global online community.

Join Events and Use Resources from Different Chapters

Members are welcome to interact with multiple Chapters, no matter their assigned Chapter. Sign into any IIBA Chapter using your login to access Chapter-specific news, events, and resources.

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What is IIBA’s Connections?

Connections is the global online community. Although it isn’t technically a Chapter, it is designed to bridge the gap for professionals that don’t have an IIBA Chapter locally but want to network, connect and learn with business analysis professionals around the world. 

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IIBA Chapter Awards Program

IIBA is honoured to recognize its 120+ Chapters for their dedication and success through our annual Chapter Awards. All our winners have made significant contributions to their Business Analysis communities. 



Start a Chapter

No IIBA Chapter in your area?

A minimum of three IIBA Members are required to coordinate start-up activities, and at least 20 IIBA Members are required to form the Membership of the new Chapter.  

For complete details, refer to the IIBA Chapter Start-up Toolkit.

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Local Chapters

IIBA connects me to the BA community. I have a place to ask questions while getting the opportunity to practice and grow my skills.

 - Jamie Champagne, IIBA Hawaii Chapter


Local Chapters promote and support IIBA’s professional standards and practices in your area.

There are well established Local Chapters in global centers as well as new ones emerging throughout the IIBA network.

Questions about Local Chapters?

Chapter Event Calendar

Your Membership is one, big global pass to hundreds of events from different Chapters. Chapters act as a connection to your community and thousands of other business analysis practitioners to network, connect, and learn with.

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