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Building Business Capability



IIBA's annual conference brings the world of business analysis together – meet your peers, experts and future leaders – share insights, be inspired, get energized and have some fun.

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BBC is the official conference of the International Institute of Business Analysis. It is the only conference that provides insight into Business Analysis, Business Architecture, Business Process, Business Rules, Business Decisions, and Business Strategy & Transformation toward the pursuit of business excellence.

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Join the IIBA team in Fort Lauderdale for information about our certifications, membership options, and more! Participate in IIBA members events, take a picture at our media wall, or just stop by and say hi! Don't forget to attend some of our featured speakers' tutorials and sessions listed below.


Jas Phul, CBAP, Director, IP and Product Development, IIBA

Product Ownership from a BA perspective


Heather Mylan-Mains CBAP, President, BAs Without Borders

You are a leader! What’s your strategy?


Michelle Green, Sr. Business Analyst, JM Family Enterprises

You are a leader! What’s your strategy?


Angela Wick, CEO, BA-Squared

The State of Agile Analysis 2019


Kupe Kupersmith CBAP, Principal, Kupe Talks

The State of Agile Analysis 2019


Stephanie Vineyard, Director of Digital Solutions, Excella Consulting

Product Ownership Panel


Kent McDonald, Product Person, KBPMedia

Product Ownership Panel


Jared Gorai, CBAP, Director, Regions & Chapters, IIBA

Product Ownership Panel

Through the Looking Glass: IIBA’s View to Success


Ken Fulmer, President & CEO, IIBA

Business Data Analytics – Using Data to Drive Better Business Outcomes


Barbara Carkenord, Consultant, Carkenord Consulting

I Finished My Project With Incomplete Requirements: Success...

Panel: Women in Tech


Matthew Winterbottom, Head of Social Listening & Analytics, Global Social Media Team, HSBC

Executive Panel – Future View: the Creative Organization


Nicholas Selk, Head of Cisco Design Thinking, Cisco

Executive Panel – Future View: the Creative Organization


Danelkis Serra, CBAP, Chapter Operations Manager, IIBA

Through the Looking Glass: IIBA’s View to Success


Colleen Meesey, CBAP, Manager of Member Engagement, IIBA

Through the Looking Glass: IIBA’s View to Success


Ashish Mehta CBAP, Managing Director, India, APAC and Global Thought Leader, IIBA

Future Proofing Business Analysis Careers



Reydan Yasar CBAP, BA Competency Lead

Panel: Women in Tech


Jasmine Lee, Oracle Policy Automation Specialist, Oracle

Panel: Women in Tech


Christy Hartner, Senior Vice President, Commerce Bank

Panel: Women in Tech

Unleashing Creativity

The Agenda

See who's speaking on what at this year's BBC.

The 2019 agenda is now available.

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Gain knowledge, build a network, cutting edge industry and tech updates, professional development, and have FUN.

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How to Convince Your Boss that Building Business Capability Is a Good Investment

Sometimes it's tough convincing the boss to let you spend time and money on a conference. Here are some ideas that will help:

1. Make a Deal

Explain how Building Business Capability in Ft. Lauderdale, November 11-15 is full of presentations, workshops and world-class expertise about Business Analysis, Digital Innovation, Business Strategy & Transformation, Business Architecture, Business Process, and Business Rules & Decisions toward the pursuit of business excellence.

2. Make the Deal Numerical

Agree that if the boss will let you go, you will commit to improve (some KPI) / by (some percent) / in (some time frame) ... after you get back.

3. Find a Different Color of Money

Budgets are tight all over, but not all budgets are created equal. While your department may not have any discretionary coin for events, there may be a different fund somewhere that can cover a few days of a conference. Talk to your colleagues about possible resources available under different names:

  • Education / Training / Seminars / Conferences / Travel
  • New Projects / Special Projects / Executive Leadership
  • Software Evaluation / Infrastructure Improvement ... You never know until you ask!
4. Highlight Some Specific Goals

This is where you get to put yourself on the line. Show your boss a list of your personal objectives. Include things like:

  • Bring back three different ideas on how to solve our ______ situation.
  • Learn how others have approached their ______ situation.
  • Meet three people to add to my personal network who are knowledgeable about _____.
  • Identify the two technologies we should seriously consider in the next three months.
  • Go to three sessions that are outside my area, so I understand the Big Picture better.
  • Find no less than three tried-and-proven consultants who can help us.

PLUS! Send all this information in a LETTER TO YOUR BOSS.

Download a sample letter