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Take control of your career with IIBA. 

We are here to support you with the latest information on the business analysis profession, but most importantly we are a community of professionals just like you, applying business analysis in our daily roles and look to one another to push the business analysis profession to the next level!

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Get Started with IIBA

Learn your way around the website, how to update your profile, find the resources you need to achieve your career goals. These short video tutorials will jump start your understanding of the benefits of IIBA Membership.

Career Center

Find the business analysis job that's right for you, upload your resume for employers to search, and find resources to help with job hunting. Watch and read tips to encourage an integrative career and professional development process that enhances your skill set.


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Get the community, network, resources, and information to manage and advance your career with an annual IIBA Membership.




Career Development Tools for the Business Analysis Professional

IIBA's Business Analysis Competency Model is a Three-Part Framework to Help Develop and Advance Business Analysis Competency

Understand Competencies

Understand Competencies

Gain understanding of Business Analysis foundational skills, tasks, techniques, and personal characteristics necessary to perform as a business analysis professional.

Assess Competencies

Assess Competencies

Assess the behaviors and techniques associated with each level of business analysis to current levels of performance
to assist in understanding the level of competency in the business analysis profession.

Develop Competencies

Develop Competencies

Establish professional development goals, align training and development with business needs and career growth objectives to remain relevant and successful.

Become a Certified Business Analysis Professional

Business Analysis Certifications

An IIBA® certification prepares and equips Business Analysis Professionals with expertise and key competencies. Certification improves your marketability, your employability, and your earning potential. IIBA Members receive up to 40% off selected certifications.
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Digital Badges Membership & Certifications

IIBA offers digital badges for IIBA Members to share and validate your commitment to advance your career, drive organizational success, and become a leader in your profession. 

A digital badge is sharable, verifiable, trackable, and has embedded metadata with relevant information.  

How to Use

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Business Analysis Certification Handbooks

The IIBA® Certification Handbooks guides professionals pursuing the global standard for Business analysis certifications. These handbooks will describe the process for attaining the global standard in business analysis certification for IIBA's Core and Specialized Business Analysis levels.

For important information and guidelines regarding recertification, application, fees, and more, please refer to the Recertification Handbook.

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Get the community, network, resources, and information to manage and advance your career with an annual IIBA Membership.




Connect with Business Analysis Professionals Globally

IIBA Chapters

As an IIBA member – you enjoy a community of thousands of BA practitioners worldwide. Networking opportunities, support and resources, and ongoing professional development are only a few of the many benefits. Make sure to take advantage of all that IIBA Chapters have to offer.
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Chapter Events

Your Membership is one, big global pass to hundreds of events from different Chapters. Chapters act as a connection to your community and thousands of other business analysis practitioners to network, connect, and learn together.  
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Global Events

IIBA Members receive discounts to numerous business analysis focused in-person and virtual events around the world.

Learn something new, get informed, be inspired and stay connected.

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IIBA Webinars

Listen and learn from accomplished business analysis professionals with compelling Members-only webinars such as Leadership Development, Decision Modelling, and Fundamentals of Business Analysis.

Non-Members can register and view our public webinars, as well as preview our upcoming Member webinars.

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Get the community, network, resources, and information to manage and advance your career with an annual IIBA Membership.




Access IIBA Global Business Analysis Standards & Guides

IIBA’s KnowledgeHub

Your Access to Analysis

Explore the new online destination of actionable, how-to business analysis content, knowledge and tools designed for business analysis professionals.

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The Business Analysis Body of Knowledge - BABOK Guide

The BABOK® Guide expands the scope of business analysis, providing essential direction and support for practitioners.

Members receive a complimentary  pdf copy, as well as the digital interactive edition in the KnowledgeHub.

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Agile Extension to the BABOK Guide

The Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide provides guidance for agile practitioners, or anyone interested in leveraging effective agile business analysis to create better business outcomes that add real business and customer value.

PDF and digital interactive editions are included with IIBA Membership.



The Business Analysis Standard

The Business Analysis Standard provides a simplified, inclusive view of business analysis and includes the foundational concepts in an easy-to-use format. It delivers a comprehensive view of the foundation for effective business analysis and provides the direction for the future development of business analysis standards and resources. 
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Guide to Business Data Analytics

This guide acts as a reference for the practice of business data analytics and is a companion resource for the Certification in Business Data Analytics (IIBA®- CBDA). Members receive a FREE pdf copy.


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Guide to Product Ownership Analysis

As organizations transition from project-centric models to a product-centric view, it is important to understand how product ownership is evolving and how business analysis professionals can drive the delivery of successful products. Members receive a FREE pdf copy.


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Cybersecurity Analysis

The role of business analysis in cybersecurity is becoming more common. Today’s business analysis professionals have an obligation to develop basic knowledge and competency in the effective use of cybersecurity tools and approaches to information and process management.

An Overview: The Elements of Cybersecurity Analysis (Modules 1-9) 
This member-exclusive PDF provides business professionals with a solid understanding of cybersecurity analysis and the essential concepts to assist in the overall cybersecurity solution. 

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Blogs from Professionals

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Get the community, network, resources, and information to manage and advance your career with an annual IIBA Membership.




Find Business Analysis Digital Publications, Tools & Research

IIBA Online Library Access

Exclusive to IIBA Members, the Digital Online Library features a collection of more than 11,000+ professional development books on business analysis and related topics and leadership solution videos.

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Key Trends to Advance Your Career

The 2021 IIBA Global State of Business Analysis Report provides a broad view of the skill sets, trends, and demographics that influence the global business analysis profession. 

exclusive Member benefit, but non-Members can get a small snapshot of results by downloading the infographic.


Business Analysis Magazine Online

An IIBA Member exclusive!

BAM! is a quarterly magazine designed to help our Members leverage BA opportunities with relevant information and insights.  

From business data analytics to connecting analysis and agile, BAM! connects IIBA Members with thought leaders from around the world.

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Whitepapers & Studies

Get instant access to IIBA whitepapers with your membership!

Whitepapers and studies provide guidance and best practices information to address digital transformation, agile and new technologies to deliver better business outcomes. 

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Business Analysis Articles

IIBA Members receive full access to our library of articles. Gain valuable insights into a wide range of topics from resources like career development, to thought leadership, to best practices. 

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Best Practices for Better Business Analysis™

Designed specifically for IIBA Members,  Best Practices is a publication of practical business analysis articles written by experts of the BA community, and reviewed by a panel of their peers. 

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Business Analysis Quick Tips

IIBA Members gain access to some of the best minds in the business with insights from top Business Analysis professionals and thought leaders. 

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Get the community, network, resources, and information to manage and advance your career with an annual IIBA Membership.