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IIBA Global Research

Trusted Insights for Challenging Business Problems 

IIBA’s Global Research provides a broad view of topical information, insights, demographics, and trends that influence business analysis globally. Use these trends to inform and challenge your thinking on digital transformation, data analytics, agile analysis, and many other topics.

Trends Organizations Need to Know

Achieving More with Data: The Critical Role of Business Analysis in Becoming a Data-Driven Organization


Part A: How Business Data Analytics is Transforming Industry

As part of IIBA’s Global Research, Achieving More with Data analyzes the forces shaping the use of data and analytics at companies and the strategies, including the use of Business Analysis Professionals, for transforming to a data-driven organization. 

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Part B: Five Key Business Data Analytics Capabilities

The capabilities of today's companies have not kept up with the pace that data and analytics is setting. This has created gaps in execution and false starts, and significant waste of time and money. Discover crucial insights on the five key business analysis capabilities that are essential for success in data-driven organizations.

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Part C: Data Analytics Survey Summary Report

Properly engaged business analysis professionals add value to business data analytics projects, and drive better results. 300 surveys quantify capabilities leading to project success and the impact of business analysis in driving increased ROI and reduced failure rates in data analytics projects. 

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Trends to Advance Your Career

2020 IIBA Global Business Analysis Salary Survey Report

Trends to Advance Your Career

This report provides a broad view of the skill sets, trends, and demographics that influence the global business analysis profession.

Use these trends to help you to take control of your career and support your organization in digital transformation, analysis, and more.

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NEW Specialization Infographic

Discover key insights into the growing demand for specializations like business data analytics and cybersecurity in business analysis around the world. For more findings, IIBA members can access our full 2020 IIBA Global Business Analysis Salary Survey Report.

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2019 IIBA Global Business Analysis Salary Survey

Member Exclusive

The full 2019 IIBA Business Analysis Salary Survey Report for regional insights, salary, top skills, certification, yearly trends and more.

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View the 2019 IIBA Salary Survey Infographic for a snapshot of some of the key findings from our full Salary Survey Report.

Research in Partnership with KPMG

Business Analysis - Positioning for Success

IIBA and KPMG study on how business analysis drives business value into the future.

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Reports in Partnership with BCS

Business Analysis in a Disruptive World

Business analysis professionals are used to change and deal with change every day. This skill can be leveraged in the disruptive world.

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Business Analysis and Digital Transformation

It's all about changing the relationship with customers and suppliers.

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Business Analysis in DevOps

How the role of business analysis supports DevOps environments.

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Additional Research with Partners

Take a closer look at the impact of digital transformation on the role of the business analysis professional in today's digital economy.

Business Analysis in the Digital Economy


IIBA® is pleased to present publications like these as one of the many ways that IIBA is helping to provide our Members with access to the latest industry knowledge and resources.

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