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Chapter Start-Up Toolkit

Interested in starting an IIBA® Chapter in your area? 



Getting Started

Starting and operating a viable and sustainable IIBA Chapter

Requires the dedication of committed volunteers who are active IIBA Members in good standing. Following is a brief overview of the Chapter Start-Up Requirements, Commitment and Process.


  • A minimum of 3 IIBA Members, active and in good standing, to co-ordinate the necessary IIBA Chapter start-up activities
  • A minimum of 20 IIBA Members interested in forming the Membership of the new Chapter


  • An estimated 5 - 10 hours per week is required once the start-up process has been completed
  • The time commitment for the start-up process can be considerably more
  • A core group of at least 3 IIBA Members, usually the Members coordinating the start-up, will form the Chapter’s initial Board of Directors

Process and Timeline for Starting an IIBA Chapter:  

  • Review the Chapter Start-Up Checklist
  • Complete IIBA Chapter Start-Up Application
  • Members will be notified if the Chapter Start-Up Application has been approved within 1-2 weeks of application date.
  • For all approved applications, a member of the IIBA Chapter Team will be in touch with next steps
  • The time it takes to bring an IIBA Chapter to charter status is usually 2-4 months from the date the Start-Up Application is approved; but it also depends on how quickly or slowly the members initiating the start-up would like to proceed