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Nurture the Next Generation of Business Analysis Professionals​

Get the resources your academic departments need to plan or revise curricula aligned to the internationally recognized standard for the practice of business analysis to support your institution and your students.​

Framework + Curriculum for Business Analysis Courses and Programs


The Framework

Plus learning objectives required for the ECBA exam, sample exam questions, and in-class discussion questions.​


The Curriculum

Complete curriculum for instructor-led hands-on application of key business analysis skills via case study and exercises.


Business Analysis​ Fundamentals

12-16 hours of knowledge-based teachings covering the fundamentals of business analysis.​


Application of​ Business Analysis Techniques

40-45 hours of knowledge-based teachings and hands-on application of business analysis techniques. ​

The equivalent of about ​1 semester – 3 credits.


Continuing Education​ Courses

For students interested in gaining business analysis skills regardless of their area of study.​​


Undergraduate and​ Continuing Education​ Programs

For students interested in pursuing Business Analysis career paths.​

Create a stand-alone continuing education program or a course within a diploma at the graduate or undergraduate level.

A Commitment to Business Analysis Education

IIBA® Academic Program Membership is an institutional membership for accredited colleges and universities. IIBA is committed to the growth of the business analysis profession by supporting education providers who wish to offer high demand business analysis programs and ensure students develop the skills organizations need most now and in the future. Through the Academic Program, IIBA endorses business analysis courses and programs for academic institutions of all sizes around the globe. An IIBA endorsed course or program:

  1. Aligns to A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide), the internationally recognized body of knowledge for the practice of business analysis
  2. Meets industry and internationally recognized standards and best practices in business analysis, ensuring graduates enter the workforce ready to meet tomorrow’s business challenges
  3. Contributes towards the preparation of a related IIBA certification exam.
  4. Increases your institution's exposure by being advertised, given consent, within the IIBA Endorsed Education and Training directory.
Deliver value beyond coursework by getting your graduates job-ready and create a direct path for your students to globally recognized IIBA® certifications.

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Program Benefits

By becoming a member of the Academic Program, your institution will:

  • Build connections to the business analysis industry and enhance your reputation.
  • Increase your marketability by offering programs or courses aligned to the internationally, industry recognized standard for the practice of business analysis.
  • Ensure it stays current with today’s job market trends by offering education and paths to certifications in Business Analysis, Agile Analysis and emerging areas such as Cybersecurity Analysis, Business Data Analytics and Product Ownership Analysis (These specialized program streams can be added on to your membership package).

Academic Professional outlining the Benefits of being a program member


Here's what some of our members have to say about the Academic Program.


Program Components

  • Framework + Curriculum for business analysis programs​​
  • BABOK® Guide study group materials​
  • ECBA™, CCBA® & CBAP® exam learning objectives​
  • Yearly license to BABOK® Guide for use in developing courses​
  • Additional memberships for faculty/staff at a discounted rate​
  • 5% discount on ECBA™ exam (minimum 20 seats)​
  • Onsite group exam sitting with bulk purchase of ECBA exams​
  • 20% discount on advertising space​
  • Discounted rate if member of more than 1 IIBA program​
  • Access to IIBA Competency Model​
  • Preview of IIBA Global Standards​
  • IIBA accreditation for your courses​
  • Access to Webinars and White papers to keep you current
  • Enhance the reputation of your Academic institution and stay on top of emerging job market
  • Local Chapter access
  • IIBA Endorsed Courses​
  • Recognition that your courses are based on globally recognized standards
  • To promote business analysis​
  • To communicate program goals and outcomes to students and other stakeholders​
  • Listed on the directory of academic institutions

Entry Certificate in Business Analysis

Business analysis fundamentals for students and recent grads with no prior work experience looking to gain a solid foundation of entry level business analysis competencies.


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