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Why Students Want Greater Access to Business Analysis Courses


Business analysis isn’t a new field, but it is quickly growing. The US Department of Labor states that jobs related to business analysis are projected to increase 14 percent from 2018 to 2028. The average growth rate for all occupations is 5 percent.1 This means jobs for BAs can outnumber qualified candidates, which could create a skills gap. Colleges and universities are positioned to help close the gap by offering business analysis courses.


As the field of business analysis expands, students are becoming more aware of BA-related career options and want increased access to business analysis courses. One reason why students are interested in these courses is because the industry is experiencing massive growth, which indicates future job stability. However, there are many other reasons students want to pursue a career as a BA.   

A contributor to LinkedIn explained why he chose to  switch majors and become a business analyst while in college in his article Top 5 Reasons I Want to Be a Business Analyst.2 While he started out as a Civil Engineering major, a business analysis internship quickly changed the trajectory of his coursework. 

Here are a few of the reasons he cited for making this change:  

He wanted to have greater professional impact -- “One of the main reasons I want to be a business analyst is because I always measure the success of my work through the positive impact I leave on the company's goals, product's improvements, and client's needs.”  

He wanted to work with professionals across entire companies -- “During my internship as a business solutions analyst, I worked on projects that needed continuous work and collaboration with developers, testers, client services representatives, and other business analysts to get the job done, which allowed (me) to leverage my communication skills…”  

He wanted to be challenged in his career -- “Everyday a business analyst is faced with new challenges and new problems to solve, which makes it a perfect job for someone that values a dynamic and challenging work environment…”  

Another reason why students value business analysis courses is that it provides a clearer understanding of the Business Analyst role. IIBA’s Entry Level Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA™) recognizes individuals ready to develop their business analysis skills, knowledge and behaviors as practicing business analysis professionals.

Having this credential not only prepares students for a future in Business Analysis, but also guarantees a higher salary earning from the get-go.  In fact, certifications improve one’s marketability, employability, and earning potential. Through IIBA’s roadmap of certifications, a student can earn credentials from entry level to experienced, as they make their way up the corporate ladder. According to PayScale, a mid-career business analyst earns in excess of $75,000 per year3.


As interest in business analysis grows, educational institutions are more readily offering focused courses to prepare students for globally recognized certificate programs that can jumpstart their career options. The International Institute of Business Analysis Academic Program was created to help these institutions meet the needs of students by keeping them and their students current with business analysis job market trends and valuable curriculum materials. By becoming a member of the IIBA Academic Program, colleges and universities can increase their revenue opportunities by offering high demand courses and ensure learners have access to the information today’s students need.  Only IIBA accredited members can license to use valuable IIBA content (i.e. the BABOK® Guide) in their courses, making their programs relevant and current for students. Find out about the ROI your institution can expect from IIBA Academic Program program.





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