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IIBA podcast series, hosted by BA Times, brings together leaders from a wide range of business analysis disciplines to share stories, tips, and advice.

Cybersecurity: Business Analysts are the Link Between Business and Technology

How can business analysts be at the forefront of growing cyber threats? Listen to seasoned expert Mohamed Zahran draw upon his industry experience in business analysis and cybersecurity to answer some of the most asked questions about working as a business analyst in cybersecurity. We will discuss the overlap between IT and the business and how business analysis professionals help bridge the gap, mitigate risks, translate, and improve efficiencies.

Building Your Cybersecurity Analysis Career

Want to become part of the cybersecurity solution? Join Holly VanHelden, cybersecurity expert in conversation as she explores the skills you need and how to increase your knowledge to transition to a cybersecurity analysis role.

Hybrid Business Analyst

What opportunities are available for a Hybrid Business Analyst? Learn what this role entails, what skills you need and how to navigate the Hybrid BA role.

Planning Horizons

Help individuals gain insight on planning horizons and understand how these horizons bring together both the big picture and the narrow view of change.

What does it take to be a BA?

Help individuals recognize the opportunities of a career in business analysis. Provide insight to professionals looking to start a career in business analysis and help them understand the skillset necessary to support a career in business analysis.

The Changing Customer

Listen to this latest podcast from IIBA to understand why the mind of your customer is critical to your business success.

Advancing your agile career path

Learn more about the career and professional opportunities associated with Agile.

Business Data Analytics

Take a closer look at the current state of data analytics and learn how the new IIBA products will help BA professionals capture the opportunities provided by business data analytics.

Data analytics: Transforming data into insight and action

Help business analysis professionals understand the importance of data and the way in which it can provide essential insight to drive transformation, action, and business success.

Leading change in the age of AI, Robotics and the fourth Industrial Revolution: The Role of the Business Analysis Professional

Discuss the impact of digital on the business analysis (BA) professional. Examine trends in the workplace, how these trends may impact the role of the BA professional, and how BA professionals can be better prepared to elevate their role as change leaders.

Business analysis career path

Examine the dynamic and ever-changing business analysis career path and learn more about the opportunities that exist within the business analysis profession.

Digital Transformation

Are you looking to understand what the digital transformation means for business analysis professionals? Join Ashish Mehta in conversation about digital transformation and the impact it is having on global business.

User Experience

Think user experience isn’t important? Think again. Hear Maria Amuchastegui explore user experience in the latest IIBA podcast. We'll cover what is user experience is, and why is it an important field for business analysis professionals to understand.

The State of Agile

Listen to Steve Blais, Solutions Architect at Parkson International, discuss the state of agile.

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