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Your Exam. Your Way. 
IIBA exams are offered as online remote proctored exams that require a desktop or laptop, an internet connection, a working webcam, and microphone. 

The Online Remote Proctored Exam Experience

IIBA’s online remote proctored certification exams allow you to take any IIBA exam securely online, on your schedule and from the convenience of your home. As work environments may have firewalls set up, we advise NOT to use your work office or computer for taking your exam. A simple check-in procedure, ID verification and monitoring by PSI-certified proctors ensures the integrity and security of the exam.    
Prepare in advance and know what to expect on exam day. Use these key tips and practices for a smooth, stress-free online exam experience. In addition to being offered in the remote online proctored format, CBAP® and CCBA® exams are also offered at PSI Exam Centers. 

See Candidate FAQs below for further information

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Prepare in Advance for your Online Remote Proctored Exam


Check Your Technology

  • Use your personal computer with functional microphone and webcam as corporate firewalls and VPNs may restrict user access
  • Use a stable, reliable internet connection
  • Ensure your location supports Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Use a Chrome browser for best results 
  • Run the PSI Online Proctoring System Check *

Prepare your Government-issued Photo Identification (ID)

Have the appropriate government-issued identification ready for check-in and ensure that:

  • It is current, signed and in western characters 
  • Both first and last names match the name you registered with

ACCEPTED Identification: 

  • Government-issued Driver's license 
  • U.S. Department of State Driver's License 
  • National/State/Country Identification Card 
  • Government-issued Passport 
  • Passport cards

Create the Right Workspace and Environment

  • Have a quiet, private room, free from distractions people and pets
  • Use a desk or table for your computer or laptop
  • Clear your workspace of any materials or unauthorized items to avoid exam violations
  • Read IIBA’s Guide to Online Proctored Exams to find out exam violations and what’s allowed and what is not 

* Passing the compatibility check does not necessarily indicate that you will not experience issues during the time of your exam. The compatibility check does not verify firewall and VPN settings. In areas where governments have the ability to block access to cross-border websites and meter internet traffic you may experience additional restrictions that cannot be captured by the compatibility check.



PSI Online Proctoring Experience

Step-by-step guidance on what to expect on exam day.

Watch the Video

The IIBA® Guide to Online Proctored Exams

Detailed guide on how to prepare for your online remote proctored exam. 

View the Guide

If you have any questions for the IIBA Certification team, please contact us.

Candidate Frequently Asked Questions


Your first name and last name must match exactly in three places: your identification, IIBA and the testing administrator. There can be no differences. If your name does not match your identification, you must notify IIBA. Only IIBA can make the required update for you and can be contacted at All updates must be done at least 1 week before your scheduled exam, or you will not be able to take the exam. 

If you are not admitted to the exam due to inadequate identification, you will be required to pay a fee to IIBA in order to reschedule your exam. 

The ID must be the original document, current, signed and in western characters.  

The following identification is ACCEPTED: 

  1. Government-issued Driver's License 
  2. U.S. Department of State Driver's License 
  3. National/State/Country Identification Card 
  4. Government-issued Passport 
  5. Passport Card

You must schedule your exam at least 48 hours in advance of your preferred date and time, or you will not be able to schedule and will need to select a different exam date.

All IIBA certification exams are offered in Online Remote Proctored format. CCBA and CBAP exams are also offered at PSI Test Centers.

Review the relevant Certification Handbook for scheduling details.

To Cancel or Reschedule Your Exam:
You must cancel or reschedule your exam at least 48 hours in advance or you will forfeit the exam fee. 
Login with your IIBA credentials and select Certification > My Certifications. Click the Schedule and Pass Exam button. This will take you to the PSI exam scheduling page.  
Click View My Tests to see your booking. You can then click the Cancel Booking or Re-Book button.  
If you miss your scheduled exam date and time without cancelling or rescheduling in advance: 
You will be considered a no-show and will forfeit the exam fee or exam rewrite fee you have paid (unless there is an extenuating circumstance). You will need to repay the exam fee or exam rewrite fee to schedule and sit the exam. 

Candidates have 12 months from the day IIBA received the exam payment to request a refund. 

    • After such time, exam and exam rewrite fee payments are forfeited. This means that to schedule and sit the exam, candidates will need to repay the exam or exam rewrite fee.

Refund process within the 12 months eligibility period:

To request a refund of the exam or exam rewrite fee payment:

    • First, cancel your scheduled exam by following the Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy.  
    • You must cancel your exam at least 48 hours in advance or no refund will be given. 
    • Then, email and include a reason for your refund request. 


If required, a modification to the exam procedure may be requested due to a disability or other medical condition that may affect the ability to sit for the exam.

To request testing accommodations: 

    • Do not yet schedule your exam
    • Obtain a note from a doctor (or other healthcare professional) that indicates: 
      • The diagnosis of your disability or medical condition that significantly impairs your ability to read or write the exam, or any other related skills required to complete the exam.  
      • The specific recommendation for your special accommodation(s)  
      • Do not include x-rays, lab, or test results.  
    • Email IIBA at prior to scheduling your exam and include the following in your email message:
      • Your accommodations request 
      • A link to your doctor’s note (via Google Drive, iCloud, or Dropbox). The note must be in English. 
      • Your desired exam date 
      • If you scheduled your exam prior to requesting accommodation(s), include the exam date that needs to be rescheduled or canceled.

Once your request has been approved, you will receive an email from IIBA on the next steps to follow to schedule your exam.

Read the IIBA Guide to Online Proctored Exams to learn about the rules and requirements for identification, login time, security protocols, what is allowed and not allowed during the exam, whether there is a break time for your exam, and how to navigate through the exam format.

These rules apply to you only if you are taking your CCBA ®or CBAP® exam at a PSI Test Center.

  1. Before you go to the PSI Test Center, review the rules for arrival time, testing environment, screening, and check-in process. This information can be found in the Certification Handbook, the PSI Test Center Experience video, IIBA Exam Information, and the IIBA Certification FAQs.
  2. Ensure you have the acceptable identification with you. See Exam Identification for details. You will not be admitted to the exam without the proper identification, and there will be no refund of your test fee.
  3. Breaks (outside the testing room):
    • You can take a 15-minute break. This will include any time used to get a drink. 
    • The clock will continue to run on the exam while you are on break. You will not be given extra time. 
    • Upon return from a break, you will be rescreened/checked back into the testing room.
  4. You will be provided with 2 sheets of paper (8.5x11”) or a whiteboard before your exam starts. These will be collected at the end of the exam by the Test Center Administrator. 
  5. For CBAP, a PSI online calculator will be available on your screen during the exam. No other calculators will be allowed. 

NOTE: If you require testing accommodations, please request accommodation(s) prior to scheduling your exam. Consult Testing Accommodations for details on submitting a request.

In addition to being offered in the Online Remote Proctored format, the CBAP® and CCBA® exams are also offered at PSI Test Centers. These are the ONLY two IIBA exams offered at Test Centers. 

  1. Refer to the Certification Handbook for the required photo identification, check-in procedure, and security protocols.
  2. Watch this video to learn about the PSI Test Center experience.
  3. Read the Test Center Security Wanding Protocol below. 

Check-in at Test Centers includes a required metal detection wanding inspection by trained Test Center Administrators (TCAs). This protocol is designed to ensure that no unauthorized devices or items enter the testing area. Those who decline the wanding protocol (and have not been granted an exemption) will be required to reschedule their exam.

For those with metal implants the wand may indicate an alert, and a standard physical security check will follow. If there is an alert upon rescan, and there is no item to disclose, testing can proceed with close monitoring. If a prohibited device is found and the test taker does not provide an explanation, PSI’s security team will determine whether the test taker can sit for the exam.

The wands are American Heart Act Certified. Per PSI, they will not interfere with or harm the operation of any medical device. If test takers opt for an exemption, they must bring documentation from a healthcare provider to the Test Center. 

IIBA Certifications

An IIBA® certification prepares and equips Business Analysis Professionals with expertise and key competencies. Certification improves your marketability, your employability, and your earning potential.