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Strategic Partnerships

To support the evolution of the profession and enable the delivery of better outcomes through the practice of business analysis across industries and roles, IIBA is actively building a network of strategic partnerships.


About IIBA

International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) is a professional association leading the global business analysis community to achieve better outcomes through better analysis. With over 30,000 Members and certified professionals, and more than 120 Chapters, 1,200 volunteers, and 500 partners worldwide, IIBA supports the recognition of the profession within organizations, enables networking and community engagement, provides foundational standards and resources, and offers internationally recognized certification programs for career advancement.

How We Partner

Business analysis provides tremendous value to a wide range of industries and roles. Our strategic partners have large communities and wish to enable their constituents develop business analysis competencies to deliver value-creating solutions and better outcomes.

Strategic partners often work with IIBA to: 

Build a certification program for role specific training that utilizes business analysis foundations.

Set a pathway for designations that incorporate IIBA's Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide).

Provide access to IIBA member resources for their community.

Become part of a global network of experts who work towards delivering better outcomes through business analysis.



IIBA and IEEE’s Cybersecurity Analysis Learning and Certification Program

Our partnerships help to provide the best resources business analysis professionals need to expand their capabilities and drive professional growth in emerging areas of business analysis. IEEE Computer Society and IIBA have partnered to collaborate in the professional education arena including courseware, certifications, domain knowledge, publications, and conferences and events. 


About the IEEE Computer Society

The IEEE Computer Society is engaged in providing professional education, training, assessment, evaluation, and certifications for computer professionals. 

As the world’s top member organization dedicated to computer science and technology, the IEEE Computer Society advances the theory, practice, and application of computer and information-processing science and technology, as well as the professional standing of its members. 

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IIBA and IEEE’s Cybersecurity Analysis Learning and Certification Program

IIBA and the IEEE Computer Society have partnered to offer a robust learning and certification program on what business analysis professionals need to know to be prepared for today’s cybersecurity challenges. 

The eLearning materials provide the basics of cybersecurity designed around the kind of analysis needed to assist in the overall cybersecurity solution, and leverages the collaboration of the business, the analysts, the architects and the technology experts to create a safe and secure digital environment. 

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Our Virtual Learning Experience

The Cybersecurity Analysis online learning and certification program have been structured in a way that makes it easy to learn, easy to test your knowledge, and provides a clear path through the core knowledge areas of cybersecurity in preparation for the certification exam.

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IIBA and HRPA’s Human Resources Solutions Certificate Course


Business analysis is strategically important to today’s CHRO, and other business leaders tasked with taking on complex organizational challenges, as expectations are increasing for advanced strategic thinking and analysis skills from the Human Resources (HR) function.

The partnership between IIBA and HRPA is a pivotal relationship that emphasizes the value of leveraging business analysis to optimize HR practices. This partnership helps to ensure that HR professionals have the necessary business analysis skills to effectively lead their organizations into the future.


About HRPA

HRPA, serving the Ontario Province, regulates HR professionals in the public interest and have been advocating for the human resources profession for over 40 years.  
HRPA ensures that their 24,000 members and students have the most up-to-date tools and the advanced skills to lead workplaces into the future. Their members are held to the province's highest standards, so Ontario workplaces can trust them to help unlock business growth and optimize employee potential. Because the HRPA means better HR.

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Human Resources Solutions Certificate Course

To help the HR profession meet the challenges of this new world, embrace new opportunities to add value, and lead at a higher level, the HRPA in association with the IIBA have built the Radical HR: Upskilling from Service Provider to Solution Expert program, using the foundation of IIBA’s Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (IIBA-ECBA).

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IIBA and UiPath Partnership

Congratulations on your enrollment with UiPath! Gain complimentary access to IIBA’s Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®) Guide and more below.

Automation Business Analyst Course


IIBA is a professional association dedicated to supporting business analysis professionals to deliver better business outcomes. Our partnerships help to provide the best resources students need to expand their capabilities and drive professional growth in business analysis. IIBA and UiPath have partnered to provide access to IIBA’s business analysis body of knowledge and provide a discounted student membership rate.

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