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George Brown Partnership

The partnership between IIBA and George Brown College is a pivotal relationship that emphasizes the value of creating and offering business analysis continuing education programs at colleges and universities.  



George Brown and IIBA

About George Brown College

George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology is a public, fully accredited college of applied arts and technology with three campuses in downtown Toronto. Like many other colleges in Ontario, George Brown College was chartered in 1966 by the government of Ontario.


About the Partnership with IIBA

George Brown’s long standing partnership with IIBA started in 2009. In collaboration with IIBA they developed and launched the first full time business analysis program. This program became the foundation for and helped create IIBA’s Academic Program.

Evolution of George Brown’s Business Analysis Program and IIBA’s Academic Program

The success of the full-time business analysis program over the years served as the catalyst to reset George Brown’s health informatics programs by incorporating foundations of business analysis. The full-time business analysis program evolved into becoming a prep course for the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (IIBA-ECBA) exam. Upon completion of the course all students sit IIBA’s proctored exam to attain the ECBA certification. Through IIBA’s Academic Program George Brown offers their students IIBA membership which offers access to all member benefits and additionally access to the ECBA accelerator, an a 10-hour asynchronous learning module that will help prepare candidates to sit their ECBA examination.



Interested in Becoming a Partner?

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