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Advance Business Analysis Capabilities

The IIBA Global Corporate Program provides the support and resources organizations need to build business analysis capabilities and drive professional development and growth.

Empower your Teams and Drive Business Results


Advance Business Analysis Capabilities

Achieve better business outcomes at the strategic, tactical, and operational level.

Improve efficiency by utilizing tools and standards in the BABOK® Guide and get everyone speaking the same language of business analysis by certifying your team.

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Workforce Upskilling

Address skills gaps and align training and development with business needs.

Set benchmarks and align competencies to roles and mandates utilizing The Business Analysis Competency Model. Get a quantitative assessment methodology for resource management, training, and development.

Start Developing Business Analysis Competency
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IIBA Global Research and Business Insight

Stay on top of market trends and receive insights on business challenges your organization is facing today. 

IIBA Global Research provides a broad view of topical information, insights, and trends that influence business analysis globally. Your organization can utilize this information to support digital transformation, data analytics, agile analysis and more. 

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Augment Business Analysis Capabilities

Strategic Business Analysis

In the haste to move from Strategy to Execution, organizations commonly neglect Strategic Business Analysis. Strategic business analysis done prior to implementation drives successful implementation, minimize business risk, and increase adoption while achieving desired outcomes.
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Product Ownership Analysis

Product Ownership Analysis empowers Business Analysis professionals with the standards, practices, techniques, and competencies to keep pace with the agile approach while creating value.

Blogs From Professionals

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Agile Analysis

Business Analysis in an agile environment puts focus on value and collaboration with analysis still at the core of business outcomes! We have seen a 21% increase of business analysis in an Agile Context from 2017 to 2019 based on respondents in IIBA’s Global Business Analysis Salary Survey.

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Cybersecurity Analysis

The role of business analysis in cybersecurity is rapidly on the rise. The joint IIBA and IEEE Computer Society’s learning and certification provide the credibility of a joint certification and the opportunity to learn key cybersecurity concepts and tools business analysis professionals will need to support your organization’s cybersecurity initiatives. 

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Business Data Analytics

Today, most organizations rely on big data analysis to get valuable data insights. For this reason, the demand for big data experts is high. This area needs a blend of business data analytics skill with hands-on exposure to the business analysis tools.

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Global Corporate Program Components

IIBA welcomes businesses, organizations, and institutions of all sizes and in all  industries. Corporate Members provide valuable insights and feedback to the way business analysis is evolving as we collaboratively advance the practice of business analysis. The Corporate Program offers Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum-level memberships that can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

  1. Increase the consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness through a common understanding among your team of the practice using the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® Guide)

  2. Enabling the Business Analysis community of an organization to have a common standard of practice through enterprise access to IIBA standards, tools, and templates

  3. Augment business analysis capabilities with access to standards and best practices in specialized domains such as Agile Analysis, Cybersecurity Analysis and Business Data Analytics
  1. Set benchmarks, align competencies to roles and mandates utilizing The Business Analysis Competency Model – a quantitative assessment methodology for Business Analysis resource training and development

  2. Empower your BA talent by accelerating their career progression with access to the latest professional development tools such as the career action guide, interactive self-assessment tool, and digital library

  3. Underline the credibility of your business analysis practice by having certified practitioners
  1. Share thought leadership content to showcase your organizations alignment to the global association for the growing field of business analysis

  2. Build relationships and grow your network by engaging with IIBA global chapters and corporate members

  3. Collaborate with IIBA and shape the direction of the business analysis practice
  1. Exclusive reports on the latest business analysis trends and practices to benchmark your organization against others within the corporate community

  2. Corporate leader webinars and discussion forums to keep you and your team up to date

  3. Exclusive corporate white papers on the latest thinking from across the business analysis field, communications with news and information

Corporate Leadership Excellence in Business Analysis Awards

The IIBA Corporate Leadership Excellence in Business Analysis Award recognizes IIBA Global Corporate Program Members who have demonstrated leadership excellence in business analysis.




Congratulations to the 2022 Award Winners


United Healthcare


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Leadership Excellence in the Advancement of the Practice of Business Analysis.

Apex Systems


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Leadership Excellence in Business Analysis Advocacy and Corporate Engagement.



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Leadership Excellence in the Advancement of Professional Development in Business Analysis.



Business Analysis Program Case Study

Supporting and Developing the Next Generation of Business Analysis Professionals

More than eight years ago, John Hancock launched an innovative program geared to developing a network of the highest potential business analysis professionals. Since its inception, the program has proven itself to be an important way to attract and retain a strong network of business analysis professionals.

Business Analysis Capability Story


As an employee-owned firm, North Highland has a one-team concept with a commitment to deepening relationships. Ninety-one percent of clients say they feel like the BAs are part of their team. North Highland is ranked number two globally by Source for Consulting in “Prompting Action.”

North Highland Worldwide Consulting Corporate Logo

Resources to help with your Agile Transformation

Why Scaling Agile is Essential for Your Organization

So, you have gone Agile. You do daily scrums, retrospectives, and all the “right” Agile ceremonies. But still, your organization is not quite convinced that Agile is the answer. And while you might have some idea of what the team that works next to you is doing, for some strange reason the teams sometimes conflict and there seems to be a lack of communication between you, the other teams, and leadership.

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Enterprise Transformation Methodology

Any big endeavor starts with the right mindset and the journey to achieving enterprise agility is no exception. The right environment needs to be created and it requires a commitment to education and training, new tools and techniques, patient transition, and cultural change. With any process or methodology implementation, practices will need to be adapted and localized.

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Business Agility and Business Analysis in Sync for Success

What are some of the challenges that we face today? Uncertainty about the future and how to respond, how to monitor performance in a fast-changing

world, which opportunities to pursue to achieve positive performance, and how to deal with the massive amount of data and get value from that data – these are just some of the most common challenges.

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