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Your resume: “So What?”

A great tool I learned from one manager when creating any given communication, such as a presentation, a whitepaper, or probably most important for you here, your resume, is to challenge the writing with the question: “So What?”
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Honouring 2021 Global Corporate Award Winners

2021 IIBA Leadership in Excellence in Business Analysis Global Corporate Award Winners.
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IIBA’s Amazing Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart of IIBA and recognizing their participation is critical to IIBA.
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Business Analysis

Be Bold. Get Inspired. Take Action.

Be humble. Be vulnerable. Be wrong.

Outside of the normal human reaction to being wrong, what is someone’s professional stance on being wrong?

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Business Analysis

The Role of Business Analysis Professionals in Managing Cybersecurity Analysis

Business analysis professionals play a critical role in cybersecurity management. Learn more.
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Why Cybersecurity Remains a Top Priority for Businesses

October 2021 issue of BAM! celebrates cybersecurity awareness month, global research, product ownership analysis, and….
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3 Ways Business Analysis Professionals Help Organizations Transform to the Digital World

Business analysis professionals enable companies to impact the digital world. Here’s how.
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7 Cybersecurity Red Flags You Need to Know

Did you know social engineering is an escalating way cybercriminals are tricking users into performing actions that lead to security breaches? In a recent IIBA webinar, presenter Erich Kron, Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4, shared his seven social engineering reg flags you should be aware of.
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