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3. Analysis at Multiple Horizons

3.2 Agility at Each Horizon

Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide

The same agile mindset, the same agile principles, and even many of the same agile business analysis practices apply at each horizon. However, different people may be involved in the analysis performed at each horizon, and the practices and techniques may apply in different ways. Appendix B: Mapping BABOK Guide Tasks to Horizons provides an overview of how each of the Tasks from the BABOK® Guide can be applied at each horizon. The individual chapters on each horizon also discuss the specific practices and techniques that are commonly used.

Agile business analysis involves continuous collaboration, feedback, and learning for all stakeholders across all horizons. This ongoing collaboration provides more current and accurate information to decision makers to help them make better decisions and achieve better outcomes.

The following diagram illustrates the interactivity between the three horizons.

Figure 3.2.1: Three Planning Horizon