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5. Initiative Horizon

5.5 Feedback and Learning

Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide

Decisions made in the Initiative Horizon use feedback from the Delivery Horizon in order to determine whether

  • the solution option is still appropriate,

  • the selected solution components are still appropriate,

  • the solution components are prioritized and sequenced correctly, and

  • every solution component needs to be delivered in order to realize the desired outcome.

Delivering continuous small increments of value generates continuous feedback and the learning from that feedback is used to determine if changes in direction are needed.

Decisions made in the Initiative Horizon provide feedback to the Strategy Horizon in terms of changes in the solution that may impact other initiatives currently underway in the organization. For example, if an initiative is cancelled, resources are redeployed in order to satisfy other needs. If a solution needs to change, and that change involves the need for additional resources, there may be an impact on other initiatives.

The Initiative Horizon provides feedback to the Delivery Horizon by indicating the priority and sequencing of solution components.