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5. Initiative Horizon

5.2 Description

Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide

Analysis performed at the Initiative Horizon is concerned with the decisions surrounding defining and delivering a solution that satisfies a need identified at the Strategy Horizon. The goal of this analysis is to deliver a solution in a way that minimizes output and maximizes outcome. The information that supports this goal include the answers to the following questions:

  • What solution options satisfy the need?

  • Which solution option appears to provide the maximum outcome with the minimum output and fits within the given constraints?

  • What are the solution components as described by features of the preferred solution option?

  • What features should be delivered now, next, and in the future?

  • Has enough value been delivered to satisfy the need?

  • Based on ongoing feedback and learning, should the solution continue, change, or be cancelled?

Decisions made at the Initiative Horizon align with the decisions made at the Strategy Horizon. The Strategy Horizon informs decisions at the Initiative Horizon through the continuous communication of

  • the shared understanding of the need to be satisfied,

  • why the need exists, and

  • the determination that the need is worth satisfying, given the organization’s current understanding of benefits, risks, and constraints.

The Initiative Horizon is largely about the amount and type of analysis required to be done in order to support a series of decisions. These decisions start with defining the need being satisfied and conclude with identifying the aspects of the solution that will satisfy that need.

At the Initiative Horizon, business analysis practitioners use feedback from the Strategy and Delivery Horizons to determine if the solution is producing the anticipated outcome. Analysis of that feedback results in a decision to continue, change, or cancel the current solution.