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5. Initiative Horizon

5.4 Time Frame

Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide

The Initiative Horizon involves looking into the mid-term future compared to the Strategy and Delivery Horizons. What mid-term means depends on the organization and the context in which it is operating. The time frame for analysis at the Initiative Horizon is mainly determined on how rapidly outcomes are achieved and needs are met. As a general reference, the Initiative Horizon guides analysis and action over the period of the upcoming one to three months. In an agile context, this time frame continually shifts and moves forward, creating what can be considered a rolling time frame.

Although the scope of analysis may be set for the mid-term, ongoing analysis and decisions are central to the success of agile initiatives. As new information emerges and greater clarity and understanding of the need and the solution are achieved, business analysis practitioners apply this learning to the understanding and direction of the solution.

At the Initiative Horizon, business analysis practitioners are driven by the following questions:

  • What outcomes are we driving now?

  • What outcomes will we be addressing next?

  • What outcomes will we be addressing in the future?

These questions can form the basis of a roadmap for the solution.