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6. Delivery Horizon

6.2 Description

Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide

Analysis at the Delivery Horizon focuses on the specific aspect of the solution that is currently being implemented. Business analysis practitioners collaborate with team members to ensure there is a shared understanding of the need, identify and prioritize a backlog of actions that will meet the need, and establish a means of assessing outcomes. They do so while seeking to expend the least amount of effort discovering the information necessary to make informed decisions about the solution.

Business analysis practitioners ensure that requirements are mapped clearly to the identified business goals. This involves analyzing and identifying risks, dependencies, and changing needs, and incorporating feedback from customers.

At the Delivery Horizon, business analysis practitioners slice and elaborate upon user stories for the team to implement as working increments of the solution. These increments are added to the backlog. Backlog items are refined into implementable units of business value and elaborated into detail on a just-in-time basis. Immediate feedback from testing and customer evaluation is used to create, alter, re-prioritize, and remove items from the backlog.