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Business Analysts to Watch in 2021

Bringing you some of the great minds in Business Analysis, from across the world…

Business Analysts to Watch in 2021

Connecting the Great Minds in Business Analysis from the World Over

We’re seeing an uptake in the practice of Business Analysis and also a rise in demand of Business Analysis-relevant skills such as Cybersecurity, Product Ownership Analysis, Business Data Analytics & Agile! So, we brought together some of the great minds in Business Analysis from every corner of the world, to share their insights for 2021. 

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Business Analysts to Watch in 2021

Angela Wick, US: How Agile Was Unavoidable in 2020

In 2020, BEING agile was unavoidable for most of us! We all experienced what it means to be able to pivot! Some trends to watch: Bringing an extreme customer focus to your analysis work, using Hypothesis and Experiments, and finding more ways to get user behavior insights to guide proactive requirements.


Rumesh Wijetunge, Sri Lanka: Business Analysis Trends in Sri Lanka

Agile work environments have resulted in many Business Analysts being expected to perform all responsibilities of planning, eliciting, analyzing, synthesizing, capturing, verifying, validating, and communicating requirements. Business Analysts in Sri Lanka are now more focused on obtaining a professional certification from IIBA to learn the concepts and obtain additional skills related to product development and human-centered solution design.

Esta Lessing, Australia: What You Should Know Before Pursuing A Career in Business Analysis

A key success factor and often overlooked Business Analysis skill: Communications Skills. This is also one of the most important skills you can master as a Business Analyst.

Terry Baresh, US: Cybersecurity Is YOUR Responsibility

Business analysts can drive the importance of injecting cybersecurity into solution designs and test plans, educate project and QA teams on basic cybersecurity principles and factors, and enable teams to enlist cybersecurity experts into the process early on - shifting left - to save time and cost.

LN Mishra, India: 3 Tips to Becoming an Awesome BA

Here are 3 simple tips from LN Mishra that will help you become an awesome Business Analyst!

Kevin Crampton, Switzerland: Data & Business Analysis

No project big or small stand much chance of putting a smile on the owner’s face if the fundamental business problem, the expectations, the people who will use it etc. haven’t been duly considered.

Mohammad Zahran, Egypt: Business Analysis Trends in Egypt

Agile analysis practitioners and IIBA AAC certificate holders are now in high demand in the Middle East alongside the one of its kind IIBA’s Certification in Business Data Analytics.

Oludayo Awe, Nigeria: Business Analysis Trends in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the demand for Business Analysts reached a phenomenal, historical level in 2020.  I have never seen such keen interest  in business analysis from business leaders, top management of both public and private firms in my over 11 years of business analysis career.

Fabricio Laguna, Brazil: Business Analysis Trends Forecast in Brazil & The World

What I see here in Brazil is that organizations are using agile methodologies and approaches as mainstream…  and that the Business Analysis skill is highly sought after.

Vanessa Lam, Canada: Data & Business Analysis

Business Analysts are a fundamental bridge between a business need and the technical solution. They translate messy ideas into implementable rules and requirements. This means that Business Analysts are becoming increasingly proficient in data, which is the basic language that links the two disciplines.

Lori Silverman,US: Business Data Analytics Trends in 2020

While “Data Literacy” became popular, focusing on an “individual’s” ability to work with data rarely advanced “organizational performance.” COVID caused upheaval when tried-and-true algorithms no longer worked. Yet it didn’t spark smarter, more nimble decision-making — nor did transforming enterprise-wide culture to make this a reality gain traction.

Adrian Reed, UK: Business Analysis Trends in 2020 & Where It’s Heading

Predictions 2020 has been a year of evolution and has shown the need for organizations to be adaptable. Trends I’m seeing include: Product vs Project: Discussions over whether to take a product-centric (instead of project-centric) approach…

Bindu Channaveerappa, UK: Cybersecurity Should No Longer Be Disregard

As Business Analysts, the service we deliver is our expertise to solve business problems and security is part of that. The security solution can come from various experts from technical to compliance. But including all the scenarios and requirements is a Business Analyst's job.

Eno Eka, Canada: 7 Steps to Becoming A Successful Business Analyst

Companies are anxiously looking for Business Analysts who can help them pivot their businesses during this global pandemic. So how can you stand out in 2021? Here’s my 7 steps to success!

Dr. Michael White, US: Social Media, Business Analysis & Trends

Social media has enabled business analysis advocates to highlight the BA role and present BA concepts to a much broader audience. This has led to two key trends in the BA profession...

Emily Midgley, US: From a Business Analyst to a Product Owner

Business Analysts transitioning to Product Ownership have a laser focus on their customers. They empathize with people who buy and use their product so that they understand problems and can weigh multiple potential solutions.

Pardeep Dhanda, UK: The Importance of Visual Thinking Skills in a Product Ownership Role

Imagine a world where written words were the only form of communication. As a Product Owner, think about the challenges this would pose? Working remotely with culturally diverse teams without the use of visuals, would lead to ambiguity, disengagement, mis-communication and, most importantly, uninspiring products!

Gareth Jones, Australia: Business Analysis Trends in Australia

One of the big trends we have noticed in business analysis is the transition of the traditional BA into more of a Product Owner role…

Jeremy Aschenbrenner, US: Traits of a Successful Business Analyst

Even though business analysis as a profession has a broad range of tasks and responsibilities, the most successful Business Analysts often share some common traits…

Adrielle Houweling, Canada: The Importance of a Business Analyst to A Time Sensitive Project

Project Management is foundational to the success of any project. It’s about delivering an end product on time and within budget. Quite often we attribute a project’s success to the Project Manager, who tends to be front and centre….

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