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Agile Business Analysis Specialization

Build core & agile analysis capabilities. Adapt quicker to our fast-changing world and customer needs.


Agile methods and approaches continue to be prevalent

Do you have an Agile Mindset?

Agile methods and approaches have become prevalent in recent years.

The ideas which were identified in the realm of software product development have spread beyond software development into many other areas that are impacted by business analysis. This means that the practice of business analysis has to evolve to support the new ways of working, not just in software development but in any area of the business where change is happening rapidly. In this context, the term agile refers to a mindset or way of thinking about work. IIBA can help augment foundational capabilities focusing on applying an agile perspective within a business analysis framework.


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Agile Analysis Certification

The new competency-based IIBA® Agile Analysis (IIBA®-AAC) Certification addresses both necessity and demand for agile and analyst communities to collaborate and transform project delivery.


Agile Business Analysis Planning Horizons

strategy 1

Decisions that impact the entire organization

Business analysis practitioners operating at this horizon support decisions about strategy and the allocation of available resources in support of that strategy. Decisions made at the Strategy Horizon identify the products, services, and initiatives to which the organization allocates resources.​

initiative 2

Decisions that impact a particular initiative

Business analysis practitioners operating at this horizon support initiative based decisions about how to create value with the resources available, as well as better understanding the needs of the stakeholders and the options available.

delivery 3

Decisions made regarding the delivery of the solution

Business analysis practitioners operating at this horizon work with the delivery team to understand how to best break down work, how to deliver and test the value the team is creating, and how to learn quickly from the work the team is doing. ​

Agile Analysis Resources

Working with global experts and practitioners across different markets, IIBA examines trends and shifting markets, shares the latest thinking in business analysis to enable organizations deliver better business outcomes.

Agile Process Design

How are processes developed today and where does the customer fall within your processes? In this webinar, we describe Agile Process Design and why this approach is transformative for a Business Analyst.

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Innovation in Digital Transformation - The Role of the Business Analyst

How to bring in new ways of working and structuring the organization and that enable agility, sustainability, employee and customer engagement, and resulting in better outcomes for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

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Embrace Agility (Digital Business Analysis Series)

Embracing agility means adopting the agile mindset across the whole organization, changing the attitudes and behaviors of everyone in the business…

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IIBA®-AAC Competencies

This certification recognizes the competencies of BA professionals with two to three years’ experience executing analysis-related work in an agile context. Competencies expected and recognized through this specialization are aligned with Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide, version 2.


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