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The CCBA® and CBAP® exams are live proctored and remote proctored exams that require a desktop or laptop, an internet connection, and, a working webcam, and microphone. All of our other exams, ECBA™, IIBA®-AAC and IIBA®-CBDA are remote proctored exams. Consult the PSI website  to run a compatibility check on your computer and for more information.

Follow the guidelines below to assist you in your exam experience.



Prior to your Exam

Step 1: Visit the certification section of your My IIBA profile to access the PSI website where your account is automatically created and you can begin scheduling your exam.

Step 2: Scheduling your exam.

  • Select the modality (for CCBA and CBAP you will have a choice of online remote proctored or test center)
  • Schedule your exam.  

Note: When scheduling, you can also download the secure browser that secures (locks down) your computer during the exam. 

Step 3: Scheduling your exam.

  • In the “Search Here” field, type in IIBA, AAC (for Agile Analysis), CBDA (for business data analytics), ECBA™, CCBA®, CBAP®,
  • select the exam you want to take, and click next
  • Select 'Online Proctored' from the drop down menu
  • Select a desired date and time
  • Agree to PSI’s terms and conditions for scheduling
On the Day of your Exam

Step 1: Visit the certification section of your My IIBA profile to access the PSI website.

Step 2: Launch your exam.

You may start your exam up to 30 minutes before your scheduled start time, but not after your start time.

Step 3: Verification of your identity.

You will be required to show Government Issued ID (such as a Driver’s license or passport). Must be original copy, photocopies not accepted. A photo will be taken of both you and your ID.

Step 4: Agree to the PSI’s terms and conditions for the exam.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties throughout your exam, do not close your session; please call immediately PSI technical support at:

U.S Toll Free: +1-888-504-9178
Direct: +1-312-612-1049

Begin the exam.

Testing Environment Rules, Language
Remote Proctored Exams

All Exams:

  • Clear water bottle allowed (i.e. no labels on it)
  • Blank paper or white board is allowed to make notes throughout exam (note: proctor will ask that paper be torn up and whiteboard erased before ending exam)
  • One get up from desk and stretch at desk (i.e. in view of proctor) is allowed



  • No breaks (i.e. away from proctor view) is allowed for these shorter exams


  • One 15 min. max break (i.e. away from proctor view) is allowed.
  • The clock on the exam keeps ticking so they are taking time away from their 3 or 3.5 hr exam sitting.
  • IF candidate is not back within 15 minutes though, exam is considered ‘abandoned’. ‘Abandoned’ means candidate cannot resume the exam so they forfeit the exam altogether and the fee they already paid – they will have to pay again to sit it.

Note: If a candidate requires more than what is allowed for their remote proctored exam, they need to request a special accommodation prior to paying the exam fee as per the steps in that process.

Test Center Exams for CCBA and CBAP
  • Candidates will need to take a break (i.e. outside the testing room) in order to get a drink.
  • 2 sheets of paper (8.5x11”) or a white board will be provided to the candidate at the start. They will be collected at the end of the exam by the test center administrator.
  • Candidates can take a break (i.e. outside the testing room) and they cannot be longer than 15 minutes, the candidate will need to be rescreened/checked back in after each, and the clock continues to run on their exam while they are on break.

Note: If a candidate requires more than the above for their exam at a test center, they need to request a special accommodation prior to paying the exam fee as per the steps in that process.

Read the full rules regarding your testing environment here.

Currently, the exams are offered in English.
Future translations of the exam may be considered and will be communicated on this site.

Cancellation and Reschedule Policy

In order to cancel or reschedule your exam, visit the certification section of your My IIBA profile to access the PSI website and follow the instructions there to select the ‘Cancel or Reschedule’ option.

Please refer to the Scheduling and Rescheduling section within the Frequently Asked Questions section of the PSI website for more information on cancellations and rescheduling.

Special Accommodations (only if required)

A modification to the exam administration procedure may be requested due to disability, handicap, or other condition that may affect the ability to sit for the exam. Special exam accommodation requests should be reasonable and not compromise the validity and reliability of the exam.

If you require special accommodations to take the exam, do not schedule your exam. Please e-mail and provide the proper written documentations (scanned/PDF format) from an appropriate health care professional, such as a doctor’s note, to support the need for your special accommodations. This documentation must include the reason (for example, diagnosis of your health condition or identifies the disability that significantly impairs your ability to arrive at, read or write the exam, or any other related skills required to complete the examination) and a specific recommendation for your special accommodations.

Once your request has been approved, to schedule your exam, please follow the instructions within the request approval e-mail sent by IIBA.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at or phone us directly at 1-866-789-4422 (toll free).