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Published and curated by IIBA’s Global Thought Leadership program in collaboration with industry influencers and partner organizations, whitepapers and studies provide guidance and best practices information to address digital transformation, agile and new technologies to deliver better business outcomes.

Digital Business Analysis Series

Crossing the Chasm to the Digital World Whitepaper

Crossing the Chasm to Digital

Exploring a new digital mindset for the business analysis professional.

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Essential Competencies for Success whitepaper

Essential Competencies for Success

What do the new digital strategies mean to business analysis professionals?

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Understanding Strategic Imperatives Whitepaper

Understanding Strategic Imperatives

Connecting the dots from strategy to initiatives.

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Empathize with real customer

Empathy for the Real Customer

Find out how to cut through the noise and focus on empathy for the real customer.

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Reimagine Business Processes

Reimagine Business Processes

Are your business processes sparking up a great customer experience?

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Digital Transformation Series

What Does it Mean to be Digital?

"Digital" means a lot of things, but what does it mean in terms of the "Customer" and "outside-in" thinking?

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Data Science Series

Business Analysis in the Data Science Age

The Data Science Whitepaper Series looks at how data science can be leveraged to address complex business problems and how it's shaping the future of organizations across industries. The first article focuses on how with the advent of data science, several unexplored avenues could be experimented with to fuel drug discovery, prevent hospital readmission rates, and drive better patient outcomes.

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