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IIBA® understands the importance of enhancing the value and support we provide to business analysis practitioners around the world, and that is why I am excited to share news about our enhanced career pathway for business analysis professionals.

As the world becomes more complex, fast-pace and competitive, business analysis will need to transform to keep pace with new demands. Today’s employers want BAs who come equipped with knowledge, skills and tools to deliver value and positive business outcomes. The skills required to make a difference in tomorrow’s business environment are an advancement of the skills that practitioners have already developed today.

We are pleased to share the findings of this new research with you. To learn more about the results and industry insights that came out of the recent IIBA and KPMG Research and Impact Study, read the slides or view the webinar on-demand.

Our world and our value to the BA community are rapidly changing, and our Chapters are key to capturing the new opportunities ahead. I look forward to working with you as we take the next step in our ongoing evolution.