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Why NOW is the Best Time to Earn a Business Analysis Certification


If you are interested in pursuing a business analysis certification, don’t wait. There are many benefits to getting certified sooner rather than later, including earning a higher salary by proving your skills to employers. However, the benefits of certification go beyond financial compensation. For example, they help you expand your skill set so that you can do your job more effectively. A contributor to the Whizlabs blog wrote,

“’s not just about achieving a high-salaried, safe job -- the best business analysis certifications help you build skills like leadership, problem-solving, and facilitating processes...”1

In addition to raising your salary and expanding your skill set, business analysis certifications also keep you on the cutting edge of BA trends, help you define your niche in the industry, and assist you in establishing yourself as a leader in the BA community.  

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Why You Should Get a Business Analysis Certification ASAP

Have you been considering earning a business analysis certification but haven’t yet committed to it? Here are a few reasons why you should make getting certified your top career priority:

1. Certification keeps you on the cutting edge of business trends

Business Analysis is a profession that is constantly changing. BA trends also change rapidly. Earning a business analysis certification (or more) is just one way professionals can stay on the cutting edge of BA trends as certifications usually must be renewed on a fairly regular basis. Pursuing any type of continuing education, including certification, will ensure Business Analysts stay abreast of the changing trends in their industry, which is essential to becoming an industry leader.

2. Certification helps you specialize in the niche of your choice

Business Analysts have several areas of expertise to choose from. For example, BAs may opt to specialize in Business Data Analytics or Agile Analysis. Business analysis certifications that are customized to these specializations can help BAs prove their skills in these areas and establish themselves as experts in whatever niche resonates with them. This can help them land the jobs they want most and earn the respect of peers and employers. 

3. Certification establishes you as a leader in the Business Analysis community

It’s important that business analysis professionals establish themselves as leaders in the BA community as they gain longevity in the field. This will help them prioritize growing their skill set, gaining career experience, and making professional connections. Earning an advanced business analysis certification can also help Business Analysts put themselves into the top tier of BAs working in the industry.

4. Certifications can now be conducted online

You have a busy life. You no longer need to schedule a time for a certification exam to be administered live at a location that may be inconvenient. Exams can be conducted in your own home when it is convenient for you. This is a game-changer for professionals around the globe that did not have realistic access to a physical testing center. For example, the highest level of certification in the business analysis field, IIBA’s CBAP, is now available online allowing people around the world to showcase their expertise.

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The Highest Level of Certification for Business Analysts

Many BAs are interested in getting a business analysis certification but are not sure which to pursue. Those who are senior leaders in the BA community should consider the Certified Business Analysis Professional certification. CBAP is the highest level of certification for business analysts. Candidates should have significant business analysis experience and hold a Certification of Capability in Business Analysis. The Certified Business Analysis Professional certification is also suitable for non-BA Consultants, Trainers, Product Managers, and Hybrid Business Analysis Professionals, including Project Managers, Testers, Quality Assurance professionals, Change/Transformational Managers, and Designers. 


Now, IIBA’s CBAP is available online so you can take the exam from the comfort of your own home, wherever your home may be. Learn more about the CBAP here. 
Interested in getting a business analysis certification? The time is now. No excuses.




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