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Why Cybersecurity Needs Analysis

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According to Government Technology, the ‘main thing’ when navigating technology in 2020, which is critical to the success of companies across all industries, is cybersecurity. “As innovation explodes into every area of our lives, cybersecurity is providing the glue that can enable the good and disable the bad for implementing cutting-edge innovation as well as reducing risk from older vulnerabilities,” wrote a contributor.1 To win the war against cybercrime and promote and manage innovation, organizations need the help of a cybersecurity analyst. Understanding why cybersecurity needs analysis will give company leaders a framework for setting up more effective measures for protecting their organizations from cyber attacks.

Companies need business analysis professionals to analyze their company’s cybersecurity efforts. Here’s why.


Cybersecurity analysis improves the ROI of a company’s financial investment in information security

Every organization needs a cybersecurity team. But, they also need at least one cybersecurity analyst. This is because cybersecurity analysis is vital to the overall success of a company’s cybersecurity efforts. Worldwide spending on information security is estimated to grow to $124 billion in 2022, per Gartner.2 Companies can help ensure a good ROI for their cybersecurity spending by hiring a business analysis professional to analyze their company’s data security and map the strategy to best impact business goals.

Business analysis professionals are the go-to solution resource for companies implementing cybersecurity

Brad Egeland, writer for the BA Times, referred to business analysis professionals as cybersecurity experts.3 He wrote that for many business, a business analysis professional is the go-to solution resource for cybersecurity:

“Will all organizations eventually have a team of cybersecurity experts? Probably. But for now, that cybersecurity team or presence may just be one untrained or ‘in training’ individual who has a strong interest in cybersecurity (or is forced to have that interest). And who is that likely candidate? The business analyst. In fact, the smart organization would be bringing in cybersecurity trainers right now to start getting the groundwork laid for a solid team of security individuals tasked with keeping organization and customer data and systems safe from harm.”

Some business analysis professionals skilled in cybersecurity know how to not only analyze cybersecurity, but also to train other professionals as well as end users in keeping company data secure. This is why cybersecurity analysts are so valuable to organizations. They wear many hats in that they are able to train prospective cybersecurity team members and end users, analyze cybersecurity, help companies create and implement cybersecurity practices, and ensure organizations get a good ROI for their financial investment in data security. It’s easy to see how cybersecurity analysts add value to organizations.

Become a cybersecurity analyst by getting certified

To remain relevant to modern organizations, especially those embracing digital transformation, business analysis professionals must learn to analyze cybersecurity. By getting a certification such as the Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis, business analysis professionals can gain the skills they need to accurately analyze cybersecurity and prove their skills to current or potential employers.

The Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis, offered by the IIBA and the IEEE Computer Society, provides the credibility of a joint certification and the opportunity to learn key cybersecurity concepts and tools business analysis professionals need to demonstrate core competencies.

The recently enhanced learning modules have been structured in a way that makes it easier to learn, easier to test your knowledge, and provides a clear path through cybersecurity knowledge areas. The courses are presented by two leading experts in cybersecurity analysis and the materials are aligned and based on ISO standards in cybersecurity.


Learn more about cybersecurity analysis and how it can help extend the reach of your career here.


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