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The Role of Business Analysis Professionals in Managing Cybersecurity Analysis

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Due to the pandemic, cybercrime is up by 600%, according to PurpleSec. The source stated there has been a huge increase in phishing email schemes and that cyber criminals are posing as representatives for the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This has had devastating financial effects on organizations. “The biggest losses come from reputational damage,” explained Investopedia.  

Business analysis professionals play a critical role in cybersecurity management. Learn more.


Business analysis professionals play a key role in managing cybersecurity initiatives. With their help, companies can mitigate the damage done by cyber criminals, as well as prevent future attacks and losses.

How Do Business Analysis Professionals Manage Cybersecurity Analysis?

A cybersecurity analyst is an individual who is responsible for protecting organizational software, hardware, and networks from those with ill intent. Those who practice cybersecurity analysis have a thorough understanding of an organization’s IT infrastructure. They are constantly monitoring it and looking out for threats to the network.

Cybersecurity analysts seek ways to fortify a company’s network, and implement solutions. They also configure tools, evaluate network weaknesses, and report to organizational leaders on the state of the network.

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In Cybersecurity Tactics for the Coronavirus Pandemic, McKinsey & Company cited some ways organizations could increase cybersecurity post-COVID. One of the tips mentioned was securing remote work arrangements at scale. A contributor wrote,

“The rapid, widespread adoption of (work-from-home) tools has put considerable strain on security teams, which must safeguard these tools without making it hard or impossible for employees to work.”

Business analysis professionals who are skilled in cybersecurity analysis help organizations make remote work, which is necessary for many companies, less of a threat to an organization. They accomplish this by ensuring the company’s network is as secure as possible, and that sensitive data is protected.

McKinsey & Company also encouraged companies to take the following steps to enhance cybersecurity at this time:

  • Accelerate patching for critical systems
  • Quicken device virtualization
  • Scale up multi-factor authentication
  • Account for shadow IT
  • Support secure remote-working tools
  • Test and adjust IR and BC/DR capabilities

Cybersecurity analysts, along with members of the IT team, can help organizations tackle tasks such as these.

Get Certified in Cybersecurity Analysis

According to CBS News, the U.S. has nearly 500,000 vacant cybersecurity jobs. With the right skills and credentials, business analysis professionals can fill some of these positions. In addition to the industry demand, 72% of hiring managers are more likely to hire someone with a certification.

By earning a professional designation, such as the Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis, those who practice business analysis can gain practical knowledge of and critical skills in cybersecurity analysis. The Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis, offered by the IIBA and IEEE Computer Society, is a robust certification program. It was designed for those who want to learn key cybersecurity concepts or step into a cybersecurity analyst role. In addition to proving your cybersecurity analysis skills, the certification adds weight to a business analysis professional’s resume.

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