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Get Involved: Responding to Change

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Join us for Responding to Change | Panel Discussion & Charity Webinar  with IIBA’s present and past Board Chairs. Current Board Chair, Barbara Carkenord, recently posted on LinkedIn, that she’s looking forward to discussing how business analysis skills are key to success in organizational change. The moderated discussion promises to be a lively and engaging talk, as panelists share their insights on how business analysis professionals can better position themselves to enable change.     

Navigating disruption is challenging and envisioning the future can be difficult. In this webinar, IIBA's present and past Board Chairs discuss how focusing on business analysis capabilities can enhance an organization’s ability to sense and respond to change.


World events over the past three years have significantly affected business from the global pandemic to the great resignation, rising inflation, and global conflict. Our global recovery outlook ranges from slow growth with high inflation to moderate growth losses or a combination of both. 

A recent McKinsey & Company article shares, “The COVID-19 pandemic created short-term disruptions and provoked long-term changes in how the world lives and does business. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is now doing the same.” It goes on to mention the following, “Our latest research finds that despite progress over the past several years, companies are still struggling to build the capabilities that their emerging digital supply chains need.”  

Career opportunities in business analysis remain strong as employers across industries around the world report challenges in hiring experienced business analysis professionals. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports business analysis jobs are well paying, and have a strong outlook—these jobs are projected to grow at a rate of 14%, which is higher than average. 

How can business analysis professionals position themselves when unprecedented change happens? How can and should you move forward in unpredictable circumstances? Not only will the panel talk about these pressing questions they will also address how to manage the volume of work to achieve better outcomes. 

How do you address disruption?

In the upcoming webinar, IIBA guest panelists will dive into the importance of investing in analysis capabilities to respond to the changing marketplace and how organizations can proactively prepare for future disruptions. 

The idea behind Responding to Change webinar 

SoftServe reached out to IIBA to work together to support the humanitarian need in Ukraine through hosting a business analysis panel discussion and charity webinar. The charity webinar offers individuals something they can do to show their support and feel a sense of purpose that they are being part of the solution.  

SoftServe is a global company born 29 years ago in Ukraine. They have more than 13,000 associates in 12 countries, and over 500 business analysts solving business challenges for hundreds of clients around the world. In 2014, SoftServe established a corporate charity fund called Open Eyes in Ukraine to empower people to initiate charitable projects, raise funds for them, and volunteer as members of project teams. In 2017, the Open Eyes fundraising platform became public, so everyone can donate money to the Fund’s charitable initiatives. And in 2022, the Fund refocuses to help Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and opens legal entities in Poland and USA to provide an opportunity to donate money from abroad.  

Meet the panelists

Reaching out to its past and present Board Chairs, IIBA received unanimous support to take part in the global charity panel discussion. The speakers include:

  • Delvin Fletcher, CEO, IIBA 
  • Moderator: Keith Ellis, Past Chair, Chief Growth & Engagement Officer, IIBA 
  • Panelists: Barbara Carkenord, Chair, IIBA Board 
  • Ken Fulmer, Past Chair, Former CEO, IIBA 
  • Michael Augello, Past Chair, IIBA Board 
  • Michele Maritato, Past Chair, IIBA Board 

Register Now

This is a complimentary webinar. Choose your preferred session and plan to join us on 21 July for an insightful panel discussion and charity webinar. Register today and share the webinar with your social network.

Thursday, 21, July 2022 | 12:00 - 13:00 ET 
Responding to Change | Panel Discussion & Charity Event

Thursday, 21, July 2022 | 19:00 - 20:00 ET 
Responding to Change | Panel Discussion & Charity Event

Choose your preferred session

21 July 12:00 - 13:00 ET (-4 UTC)


21 July 19:00 - 20:00 ET (-4 UTC)


Ukraine Measures

Making a donation is often the best way to help in a humanitarian crisis.

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About The Author:
Nadiya Trub

Nadiya Trub, is an experienced IT professional with 13 years’ versatile background in healthcare and financial domains. She has a deep understanding of the US healthcare system including regulatory policy and the latest trends. Nadiya is involved in multiple projects at different stages of their lifecycle: starting from ideation and initial scope definition going to intensive execution and project closure. She has a thorough knowledge of agile framework supported by excellent product owner practical skills.  

Nadiya has experience in setting up business analysis and requirements management processes, diverse business analysis techniques usage, team leadership, coaching and mentoring. She is certified as an IIBA CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional), IIBA CCBA (Certification of Competency in Business Analysis), and by Nevco (HIPPA Academy Certificate), and ISTQB (Advanced Level Test Analyst).

As BAO Associate Director she has overall accountability for building SoftServe’s Business Analysis service portfolio by defining business goals, business models and financial targets as well as managing a team of experts and orchestrating multiple service delivery. 


Oksana Lavrinok

Oksana Lavrinok is a community and marketing specialist with a strong financial background (8+ years in banking). Within the last 7+ years in the IT industry, Oksana has worked primarily in sales and marketing, helping small businesses to grow and corporate businesses to succeed. In her current role as BA Education & Community Manager at SoftServe she is helping business analysis professionals to change the world for the better.


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