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Are You Ready to Step into a Cybersecurity Role?


Data breaches have increased drastically over the past several years. Now, 68 percent of business leaders believe their cybersecurity risks are increasing, according to Accenture.1

Despite the significant rise in cybercrime, most companies are not prepared to deal with cyber threats. For example, “Only 5% of companies’ folders are properly protected, on average,” stated Varonis.2 A business analyst skilled in cybersecurity analysis can help companies prevent and mitigate cyber attacks. Those practicing business analysis or anyone familiar with good analysis practices can determine whether or not they are ready to assume a role in data security by asking themselves a few questions.

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Wondering If It’s Time to Step Into a Cybersecurity Role? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

Here are a few questions for those considering a role in data security should ask themselves:

1. “Am I the go-to solution resource for my organization?”

If you make yourself indispensable to your employer by ensuring you are the “go-to solution resource,” in the words of a contributor to the BA Times, that’s a sign you might be ready to take on a cybersecurity role. Why? Because being the go-to solution resource implies you understand and practice cybersecurity analysis. The contributor to the BA Times wrote, “The Business Analyst is – or should be – the go-to technical solution person on the project…. By default, that means he or she must be up to speed on cyber crime issues, concepts, resolutions and mitigation procedures.”3

2. “Do I have sufficient experience with cybersecurity business analysis?”

One of the key indicators that you are ready to work in cybersecurity is that you have sufficient experience in this area. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve held an official title, such as “cybersecurity business analyst,” but it does mean that you have worked with other professionals to prevent and mitigate cyber attacks. If you want to move into a cybersecurity role but don’t have much experience, begin making connections with cybersecurity professionals inside and outside of the organization you work for. One of your connections may be able to provide you with an opportunity to gain cybersecurity experience.

3. “Have I received training in cybersecurity?”

An education in cybersecurity is vital for anyone who wants to work in data security analytics. A cybersecurity education will prepare you for the challenges you will encounter as a data security analyst. By simply completing a cybersecurity analysis training program successfully, you will be one step closer to moving into a cybersecurity role.

Get the Cybersecurity Training You Need to Take on a Role in Data Security Analysis

Cybersecurity training is important for those with business analysis experience who want to specialize in data security analysis. Many business analysis professionals begin learning about cybersecurity from a book, webinar, or workshop, but that’s not where learning should stop. To prepare for a career in cybersecurity analysis, you should consider participating in industry-recognized cybersecurity training, such as the joint project from the IEEE Computer Society and IIBA to provide the Cybersecurity Analysis learning and certification program. This program will impart the key cybersecurity concepts and tools you’ll need to demonstrate core competencies to employers.

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