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BA Lens Focus on Agile


In this issue, we continue our focus on agile and look at the role of BAs on agile teams.

We break through the confusion between “being agile and doing agile” in the article an Agile Mindset is A Catalyst for Success and Value (page 3). “Developing the agile mindset really is the most important way in which you adapt to the agile world,” says Jas Phul, CBAP, Director, IP and Product Development, IIBA.


We spoke with Victoria Cupet, CBAP, Regional Director to discuss the role of BAs on agile teams, “When we speak about the roles of a Business Analyst, the most confusion in the market is where to place a BA on an agile team” in the article Beyond the Title: Business Analysis on an Agile Team (page 6). Victoria says putting a label on the role is a bit artificial – the role is beyond the label.

We also share insights from John Hancock and learn how they have successfully run their Business Analysis Development Program (BADP). For organizations looking to improve the way in which they evolve and support business analysis employees this story provides a great resource about what is possible.

Turning the page, we take a look at Business Data Analytics (BDA) (page 9) in a discussion with Laura Paton, a senior BA consultant. According to Laura, if a BA has those skills that are between business and technical, a new career path in BDA might be for you.

If you are looking to gain additional insight on how to capture opportunities provided by agile, don’t miss Advancing Your Agile Career Path (page 16) and check out the tips for getting a BA Job in Canada article (page 18). Another great resource is to check out our latest podcast on the Agile Career Path.

This edition is packed with the latest insight essential to business analysis professionals looking to stay on top of the most important trends and expectations facing our profession. Enjoy this edition of BA Lens - happy reading!

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