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5 Great Resources for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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Cybersecurity remains a top priority for organizations today and recently it’s become even a bigger concern with the global pandemic. With businesses relying more and more on online solutions for connectivity, cybersecurity awareness, training and education has become important in staying vigilant against ever escalating cyberthreats.

Here are IIBA’s top tips, learnings, and resources for Cybersecurity Awareness Month.


Forbes states “32% of remote employees have been targeted by a phishing/cybersecurity attack more than once…and 48.3% of remote employees had been the target of a phishing/cybersecurity attack at least once. Over 40% of these remote employees experienced data breaches and/or related repercussions as a result”. 

Cyberattacks are constantly evolving at a rapid pace and business analysis professionals are at the forefront of ensuring businesses respond to and keep pace with these changing threats. By 2025, it is estimated that cybercrime will cost businesses worldwide $10.5 trillion annually.  

But how do business professionals take steps or precautions to get more knowledgeable on Cybersecurity? In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, IIBA has rounded up the following resources.   

1. Ask an Expert: Cybersecurity Awareness 

There’s no better way to learn about Cybersecurity best practices then from the experts themselves! Watch to this experienced and diverse panel of experts discuss everything from best practices to tips to stay vigilant against attacks, to common cyber threats, to the role of Business Analysis professionals in Cybersecurity and more.   

Meet the Experts:


Daryl DSouza.jpg

Daryl D’Souza, Founder Logicaal Solutions Inc.

Daryl is the founder of Logicaal, a leading Cybersecurity-First IT Services firm that helps businesses protect their most critical asset, data.

Olu Gbenga-Faremi.jpg

Olu Gbenga-Faremi, CBAP®, IIBA®-CCA, Data Governance Analyst

Olu is highly experienced in data, business analysis and cybersecurity in the financial domain. She brings 11+ years of expertise and holds the CBAP®, Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis, NSE 1 and NSE certifications. 

Chee Lam.jpg

Chee Lam, Founder, Deskflix Inc.

Chee has 25+ years career in Information Technology where he’s worked for both corporate end user’s and as and IT consultant. 

Marlaina Loveys.jpg

Marlaina Loveys, Cybersecurity Business Analysis Consultant, Payments Canada

Marlaina is the expert security business analyst behind the successful deployment of Lynx, Canada’s new high value payment system at Payments Canada. 

Catch the live webinar on Tuesday October 19th at noon (ET) – Register here.


2. Infographic: Must-know Cybersecurity Stats 

Did you know only 16% of executives say their organizations are well prepared to deal with cyber risk? Wondering about other cybersecurity statistics relevant for business analysis professionals?  Get crucial industry insights in this insightful cybersecurity infographic

3. Cybersecurity Podcast: Business Analysts Are the Link Between Business and Technology 

Can business analysts be at the forefront of growing cyber threats? Listen to seasoned expert Mohamed Zahran draw upon his industry experience in business analysis and cybersecurity to answer some of the most asked questions about working as a business analyst in cybersecurity.  

Learn about the overlap between IT and the business and how business analysis professionals help bridge the gap, mitigate risks, translate, and improve efficiencies. Listen to the podcast here

4. Cybersecurity Blogs and Articles

IIBA’s Analyst Catalyst is the resource for the global Business Analysis practice and its professionals. There’s a wealth of relevant information on a wide variety of topics from digital transformation, business enterprise agility, data analytics, product ownership and of course, cybersecurity. From ‘4 Cybersecurity Trends That Business Analysts Should Be Aware Of’, to ‘3 Tips to Boost Your Cybersecurity Awareness’, to ‘How Business Analysis is Changing Cybersecurity’ you’re bound to find an article with useful tips and information. Browse the articles on Cybersecurity here


5. Online Cybersecurity Concepts

One of the most effective ways to increase your cybersecurity awareness is to take a learning program geared towards cybersecurity practices. An online structured certification program provides the opportunity to learn key cybersecurity concepts and tools to support a safe and secure cyber environment. 

The Cybersecurity Analysis Certification program is a joint certification with IIBA and IEEE Computer Society and provides essential cybersecurity learnings relevant to today's organizational needs. Take advantage of limited time discounts on Cybersecurity Analysis packages – only available during Cybersecurity Awareness Month! 


To learn more about IIBA’s Cybersecurity Analysis program visit



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