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Building Business Capability - BA or BA? How Architecture and Analysis Can Work Together

David Hall

Associate Director, Business Analysis

Vanderbilt University Medical Center


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One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is ensuring that projects and initiatives are effective in implementing business strategy and realizing business goals.  Instead of launching from a roadmap, projects are often initiated when a customer defines a solution to a perceived problem.  In many cases, no effort is made to tie the solution back to business strategy or goals.  

By combining business architecture practices with enterprise business analysis skills, business analysts can add value to their customers by mapping problems/solutions to enterprise capabilities and strategies prior to developing requirements.  This practice ensures that solutions move business strategy forward and that all activities (requirements, design, testing, etc.) in an initiative map back to a business capability or strategy.

Learning Objectives:

  • The best source of requirements is business objectives and outcomes
  • All requirements should tie back to the objectives/outcomes
  • Blending business architecture practices into your BA toolbox allows BAs to ensure Business Strategy stays central to all initiatives


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