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Explore the new online destination of actionable, how-to business analysis content, knowledge, and tools designed exclusively for IIBA Members.



What is IIBA’s KnowledgeHub?

IIBA’s KnowledgeHub is a brand-new online destination with actionable business analysis content. The KnowledgeHub provides instant online access to the BABOK® Guide, plus community-driven content, such as relevant “how do I” scenarios, videos, tips, tools, and templates that can be applied to everyday business analysis practices.

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What’s New in IIBA’s KnowledgeHub?

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The KnowledgeHub keeps evolving to meet IIBA Members' needs! A brand new interactive Business Analysis Core Concept Model™ (BACCM™) has been added to IIBA's KnowledgeHub. Take a look at how the core concepts and knowledge areas intersect in this dynamic overview. 

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Member Exclusive Access

IIBA Membership gives you exclusive access to IIBA’s KnowledgeHub. IIBA is here to support you with the latest information on the business analysis profession, but most importantly we are a community of professionals, applying business analysis everyday to push the business analysis profession to the next level!

Membership Benefits

Dynamic Access to Business Analysis Standards

IIBA’s KnowledgeHub puts the globally recognized standard for the practice of business analysis at your fingertips. IIBA Members asked to put this great information into action, and the KnowledgeHub is IIBA’s response. Enjoy access to the BABOK® Guide, IIBA’s Guide to Business Data Analytics, Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide, and the Guide to Product Ownership Analysis directly within the KnowledgeHub.

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“How do I” Scenarios

New Business Analysis Scenarios Now Available

“How do I” scenarios provide actionable, situational content contributed by leading business analysis professionals. These hands-on examples of business analysis situations provide solutions that can be applied to everyday business analysis practices.

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Tips, Tools, and Templates

IIBA’s KnowledgeHub helps you find the right content when you need it. The predictive search functionality allows you to filter results by knowledge areas, tasks, scenarios, and more, providing quick access to downloadable tools and templates with just a few clicks.

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Organizational Program Members

A Better Way to Interact with Content

The KnowledgeHub helps IIBA’s valued partner communities by providing a better way to interact with relevant content that is valuable to your audience. The online experience is tailored to the business analysis community and offers IIBA’s Organizational Program Members:

  • Dynamic online BABOK® Guide experience
  • Engaging digital assets and videos
  • Intuitive predictive search functionality and more

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We are a community of professionals just like you, applying business analysis in our daily roles and look to one another to push the business analysis profession to the next level!


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