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The Business Analysis Standard Has Arrived

The brand-new Business Analysis Standard provides a simplified, inclusive view of business analysis and includes the foundational concepts in a refreshed and easy-to-use format.   




Interested in Being an IIBA Board Director?

Are you an experienced business analysis professional? Consider becoming a volunteer director for IIBA! As an IIBA Board Director, you'll have an opportunity to work with the executive team and provide oversight on strategic objectives, financial and IT controls, human resources practices, legal reporting, and risk management. Deadline to apply is March 1st, 2023.

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IIBA Career Center

We're supporting IIBA Members career journeys with a brand-new job board! Connecting job seekers with career resources and employers in the business analysis industry. 

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IIBA Global Research: Being Nimble

Did you know 68%* of organizations with high nimble capacity are best in class or exceed their peers in responding to change?  
IIBA’s Global Research continues to grow with the latest report, Being Nimble. ​​​​​​The new research examines the established concept of business agility and identifies ways that organizations can improve their ability to sense and respond to change through the application of business analysis. 

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*Being Nimble, IIBA, 2022

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Business Analyst Career Resources

New to Business Analysis?

Business analysis is both a role and a discipline. Business Analysts and professionals of many different titles use business analysis to enable successful change in an organization.
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Business Analysis Resources

A curated body of knowledge dedicated to advancing your career in business analysis to create better business outcomes for your organization.
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A Business Analysis Foundation for Success

Introduce and manage change successfully for your organization with the globally recognized standards of the business analysis profession.
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IIBA Business Analyst Blogs

Business Analysis

10 Business Analysis Challenges and Recommended Solutions

Business analysts face several challenges such a scope creep, change of business and process ownership and requirements. Read more on recommended solutions for these common challenges.
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Want to be an IIBA Board Director? Learn More About What That Really Means…

Being on the Board of IIBA is an interesting, challenging, and rewarding experience. Learn more about what it's like to be an IIBA Board Director. Learn more about what it’s really like to be a IIBA Board Director.
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Groundbreaking New Course: Radical HR: Upskilling from Service Provider to Solution Expert Program

IIBA and HRPA has launched the Radical HR: Upskilling from Service Provider to Solution Expert program.
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Business Analysis

Tools for Finding Your Dream Business Analysis Job in 2023

IIBA has launched and improved Career Center to connect employers to qualified business analysis professionals across all disciplines and career stages.
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Business Analysis

Top Tips to Market Your Business Analysis Skills

Practical tips and advice on how to showcase your business analysis expertise and stand out in the field.
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Business Analysis

Common Business Analysis Career Paths

There are several career paths that business analysts can take, and each offers unique opportunities for growth and development.
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