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Celebrate Our Volunteers  

The Heart of IIBA

We are honoured to recognize volunteers for their ongoing contributions to IIBA and the business analysis profession. Do you know an IIBA Volunteer who goes above and beyond? Nominate them for a Volunteer of the Year Award!*

*Nominators and Nominees must be IIBA Members in good standing.




New Publication

The Rock Crusher - A Model for Flow-Based Backlog Management

The Rock Crusher offers an agile approach to backlog management, highlighting the power and simplicity of this essential tool in modern agile organizations. This new publication emphasizes the importance of the backlog as a single repository from which a team pulls its next most valuable work item, enabling agility through the ability to add, remove, reprioritize, and visualize potential work for a product.

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The New and Improved ECBA Process

Great News! IIBA has simplified the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis™ (ECBA™) by removing the application process. The simplification of this process minimizes and streamlines the number of steps required for a candidate to schedule their exam, making it easier and more efficient. 

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IIBA's New Certified Professional Directory

Great news! IIBA certification and membership badges are now available in our newly enhanced Certified Professional Directory. This new directory allows you to easily showcase the skills and achievements you’ve gained from IIBA to support your business analysis career. It provides a searchable hub of certified IIBA members and professionals. Think of it as a service like LinkedIn dedicated to IIBA credential recipients!

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Business Analyst Career Resources

New to Business Analysis?

Business analysis is both a role and a discipline. Business Analysts and professionals of many different titles use business analysis to enable successful change in an organization.
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Business Analysis Resources

A curated body of knowledge dedicated to advancing your career in business analysis to create better business outcomes for your organization.
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A Business Analysis Foundation for Success

Introduce and manage change successfully for your organization with the globally recognized standards of the business analysis profession.
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IIBA Business Analyst Blogs

Digital Transformation

Revolutionizing Requirements Management: Incorporating AI for Enhanced Insights and Efficiency

Explore the transformative power of AI technology in Requirements Management. Learn how AI streamlines the process, automates tasks, and enables better decision-making.
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Top Misconceptions About Business Analysis Professionals

What do business analysis professionals do? This blog takes readers through some of the top ambiguities about business analysis professionals.
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Business Analysis Community

3 Key Takeaways from the Building Business Capability Conference 2023

The BBC conference is a great way to stay current and connected with the business analysis community. Here are 3 key takeaways from this year’s event.
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Business Analysis

From Traditional to Full Stack: How Accenture Empowers Business Analysis Professionals with a Full Stack Skill Set

As more companies adapt to the future of work, they are keeping their eyes on equipping their workforce with new capabilities. Let’s take a look at how this organization is making a difference with its full stack business technology program.
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Business Analysis Community

Some Hot Business Analysis Topics 3 Key Takeaways from BA Digest (Q2 Edition)

Business analysis is moving at a rapid pace. Find out some hot topics in business analysis from the team at BA Digest.
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BAM! The Spring 2023 Issue is Here: Unpacking the Latest Insights in Business Analysis

The Spring issue of BAM! shares essential tips for business analysis professionals interested in robotic process automation (RPA), non-functional requirements, communication tips, and more.
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