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1.2 The Business Data Analytics Cycle
The business data analytics cycle represents the research aspects of business analytics. It is an iterative cycle initiated through the development of a well-formed research question and then
5.4 Time Frame
The Initiative Horizon involves looking into the mid-term future compared to the Strategy and Delivery Horizons. What mid-term means depends on the organization and the context in which it is
7.7 Personas
Personas are used to understand and empathize with an intended stakeholder in order to align the solution with the stakeholder need.
2.5 The Business Analysis Core Concept Model ™
The Business Analysis Core Concept Model™ (BACCM™) provides a conceptual framework for business analysis that is comprised of six terms that have a common meaning to all business analysis
3.2 Agility at Each Horizon
The same agile mindset, the same agile principles, and even many of the same agile business analysis practices apply at each horizon.
3.3 Predictive, Iterative, and Adaptive Planning
There are many ways in which business analysis practitioners plan. At the highest level, there are three most commonly used approaches to planning: predictive, iterative, and adaptive.
4. Strategy Horizon
4. Strategy Horizon Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide | IIBA® 4. Strategy Horizon <style> .knowledgeHub .tile_card-title { padding-top: 3rem; padding-left: 3rem; padding-right: 3rem;
4.1 Purpose
The purpose of analysis at the Strategy Horizon is to inform decisions regarding the organization's business goals.
5.1 Purpose
The purpose of analysis at the Initiative Horizon is to inform decisions regarding solution options, features, priorities, and lifespan.