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6.7 Techniques
Personas: used to create a shared understanding of who the customer is, frequently a core item when Thinking as a Customer.
7.5 Kano Analysis
Kano Analysis is used to understand which product characteristics or qualities will prove to be a significant differentiator in the marketplace and help to drive customer satisfaction.
7.13 Relative Estimation
Relative Estimation is used to make future predictions based on past experience, knowledge, complexity, size, and uncertainty required to complete backlog items.
3.4 Data Dictionary
A data dictionary is used to standardize a definition of a data element and enable a common interpretation of data elements within a single data source or across multiple data sources.
3.15 Problem Shaping and Reframing
Problem shaping and reframing are creative applications of problem analysis techniques that result in alternative formulation of the problem faced by an organization. Problem shaping specifically
3.18 Technical Visualizations
Technical visualizations are used by data scientists to evolve their analysis that becomes the detailed data for driving insights. They may not be useful for communicating insights to business
5.4 Time Frame
The Initiative Horizon involves looking into the mid-term future compared to the Strategy and Delivery Horizons. What mid-term means depends on the organization and the context in which it is
1. Introduction to Business Data Analytics
Most business decisions involve some degree of uncertainty and the decision-makers seldom know the exact outcome of their actions. Data plays a crucial and transformational role in how
7.21 User Stories
User Stories are used to convey a customer requirement for the delivery team.