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8. Solution Evaluation
Assess the performance / value / limitations delivered by a solution to realize the full value.​
The techniques described in the BABOK® Guide are intended to cover the most common and widespread techniques practiced within the business analysis community. Business analysts apply their
Capture Key Requirements?
Follow this scenario for capturing key requirements, a crucial component in business analysis. Watch the video and download the provided checklist.
2.5 Requirements and Designs
Eliciting, analyzing, validating, and managing requirements have consistently been recognized as key activities of business analysis.
6.4  Define Change Strategy
The purpose of Define Change Strategy is to develop and assess alternative approaches to the change, and then select the recommended approach.
9.1  Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving
Analytical thinking and problem solving skills are required for business analysts to analyze problems and opportunities effectively, identify which changes may deliver the most value, and work
Perspectives are used within business analysis work to provide focus to tasks and techniques specific to the context of the initiative. Most initiatives are likely to engage one or more
7.3  Validate Requirements
The purpose of Validate Requirements is to ensure that all requirements and designs align to the business requirements and support the delivery of needed value.