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4.1 How Organizations Manage Products
A healthy portfolio of products acts as a barometer of success for most organizations by: Instilling confidence and assurance in employees Generating financial success Creating ongoing value for
6.7 Empathy Map
A collaborative visualization tool is used to gain deeper insight into the experience and emotions of customers. This human-centred design tool helps provide clarity and a shared team
6.11 Kano Analysis
Kano analysis is used to understand which product characteristics or qualities will prove to be a significant differentiator in the marketplace and help to drive customer satisfaction.
6.13 Minimal Viable Product
MVP identifies the smallest set of features or requirements needed to deliver value to stakeholders and satisfy early adopters in the shortest time possible. It focuses on core features sufficient
6.16 Problem Definition Analysis
To effectively solve a problem, knowing and defining the problem that needs to be solved is essential. Problem discovery, problem framing, and problem scenarios and alternatives help to define
6.17 Product Backlog Management
A backlog occurs when the volume of the work exceeds the product team's capacity to deliver. There are a variety of items that can be part of the backlog. Backlog management includes:
6.18 Product-Market Fit
Product-market fit, a concept popularized in the start-up world, is used to identify a strong market where a product can thrive. It is identified as one of the foundational steps in building a
6.21 Reviews
Reviews are used to demonstrate and inspect an increment of the solution with stakeholders to elicit feedback to determine if the solution being developed aligns with the need.