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Download - Multi-language Graphics - 2022 Global State of Business Analysis Survey
ECBA Application Process JA.pdf
Japanese: This document outlines the steps to follow to complete your ECBA™ Application process. Please refer to the Core BA Certification Handbook for requirements and policies.
6.10 Job Stories
Job stories are used to represent a product backlog item (PBI) or requirement, in terms of a job to be done, by a stakeholder.
5.1 Apply Foundational Concepts
Organizations must vie for customers' attention in a competitive landscape. Customer expectations have increased, making it harder to maintain customer loyalty. Organizations are challenged with
5.5.2 Product Delivery
Business stakeholders may not know what to expect from product delivery. Unexpected changes can occur frequently due to the nature of validated learning. Continuous communication by the Product
3.2 Integrating Agile Business Analysis and POA
POA is a discipline that realizes the core principle of agile business analysis in product development, while applying agility at all levels, from product vision to daily work plans.