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5.1.1 Set Up the Organization for Success
Either an organization supports product teams, or it hinders them. The challenge of creating, launching, and maintaining a successful product is complex and difficult. An organization needs to
5.2.2 Apply Customer Learnings
Several ideas and opportunities emerge from these activities. It is tempting to start to chase those ideas and to build something amazing for the customer that they have come to care about.
5.7.2 Optimize Value Delivery
A small product increment, or a minimal version of the product, is built and shared with the customer. If the customer does not like some aspects of the product, it can be changed. Then it is put
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6.2 Business Cases
A business case provides justification for a course of action, based on the benefits to be realized by using the proposed solution, compared to the cost, effort, and other considerations to
6.1 Backlog Refinement
Backlog refinement is used to ensure that there is sufficient detail and clarity for items in the backlog so that the delivery team can complete an iteration.
ECBA Application Process JA.pdf
Japanese: This document outlines the steps to follow to complete your ECBA™ Application process. Please refer to the Core BA Certification Handbook for requirements and policies.