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4.1  Prepare for Elicitation
The purpose of Prepare for Elicitation is to understand the scope of the elicitation activity, select appropriate techniques, and plan for (or procure) appropriate supporting materials and
11.3 The Information Technology Perspective
The Information Technology Perspective highlights the characteristics of business analysis when undertaken from the point of view of the impact of the change on information technology systems.
6.28 Value Stream Mapping
Value Stream Mapping is used to provide a complete, fact-based, time-series representation of activities required to deliver a product or service to the customer.
4.3 Confirm Elicitation Results
The purpose of Confirm Elicitation Results is to check the information gathered during an elicitation session for accuracy and consistency with other information.
10.32 Organizational Modelling
An organizational model defines how an organization or organizational unit is structured. The purpose of an organizational unit is to bring together a group of people to fulfill a common purpose.
5.3 Engage the Whole Team
The common perception is that only the “delivery team” is responsible for building the product. However, effective POA acknowledges how critical the engagement and collaboration of customers and