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6.19 Product Roadmap
Product Roadmap is a strategic, visual tool used to communicate direction and progress towards the vision for a solution or initiative. It measures progress against that vision by achieving the
6.5 Decision Modelling and Analysis
Decision modelling shows how repeatable business decisions are made. Decision analysis formally assesses a problem and possible decisions to determine the value of alternate outcomes under
6.14 Non-Functional Requirements Analysis
Non-functional requirements (NFR) analysis examines the requirements for a product that defines how well the functional requirements must perform. It specifies criteria that can be used to judge
4.3 POA and Agile Planning Horizons
Organizations have adopted the key tenets of agile at all levels of planning and decision-making. In constant and rapidly changing environments, organizations need to respond to opportunities.
6.3 Collaborative Games
Collaborative games encourage participants to collectively build shared understanding, trust, and team spirit. These games can be used for:
6.22 Risk Analysis and Management
Risk Analysis and Management identifies areas of uncertainty that could negatively affect value and analyzes and evaluates those uncertainties. It also develops and manages ways of dealing with
6.1 Backlog Refinement
Backlog refinement is used to ensure that there is sufficient detail and clarity for items in the backlog so that the delivery team can complete an iteration.
6.8 Focus Groups
A focus group is used to elicit ideas and opinions about a specific product, service, or opportunity, in an interactive group environment. The participants, guided by a moderator, share their