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10. Techniques
The Techniques chapter provides a high-level overview of the techniques referenced in the Knowledge Areas of the BABOK® Guide. Techniques are methods business analysts use to perform
The techniques described in the BABOK® Guide are intended to cover the most common and widespread techniques practiced within the business analysis community. Business analysts apply their
6.9 Human-Centred Design for Products
Human-centred design is a practical, repeatable problem-solving approach that focuses on putting customer needs first. In the context of a product, the human-centred design proposes that the
10.35 Process Modelling
Process models describe the sequential flow of work or activities. A business process model describes the sequential flow of work across defined tasks and activities through an enterprise or part
5.4 Make an Impact
Every organization emphasizes its desire to make an impact. The organization's vision guides its values and culture. This is established at conception. However, the expression of it can change
10.49 Vendor Assessment
When solutions are in part provided by external vendors (who may be involved in design, construction, implementation, or maintenance of the solution or solution components), or when the solution
4.3 Confirm Elicitation Results
The purpose of Confirm Elicitation Results is to check the information gathered during an elicitation session for accuracy and consistency with other information.
6.28 Value Stream Mapping
Value Stream Mapping is used to provide a complete, fact-based, time-series representation of activities required to deliver a product or service to the customer.