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10.10 Collaborative Games
Business rules analysis is used to identify, express, validate, refine, and organize the rules that shape day-to-day business behaviour and guide operational business decision making.
5.5  Approve Requirements
The purpose of Approve Requirements is to obtain agreement on and approval of requirements and designs for business analysis work to continue and/or solution construction to proceed.
10.49 Vendor Assessment
When solutions are in part provided by external vendors (who may be involved in design, construction, implementation, or maintenance of the solution or solution components), or when the solution
11.2 The Business Intelligence Perspective
The Business Intelligence Perspective highlights the unique characteristics of business analysis when practiced in the context of transforming, integrating, and enhancing data.
10.38 Risk Analysis and Management
Risk analysis and management identifies areas of uncertainty that could negatively affect value, analyzes and evaluates those uncertainties, and develops and manages ways of dealing with the
6.4 Customer Journey Map
A customer journey map is a visual representation of the end-to-end customer experience from the customer perspective. It reveals the customers' experiences and motivations when interacting with
10.1 Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria
Acceptance criteria are used to define the requirements, outcomes, or conditions that must be met in order for a solution to be considered acceptable to key stakeholders.
5.7 Obsess About Value
Product development and innovation are usually hard and complex. When new products are built, with each iteration the team must consider:
10. Techniques
The Techniques chapter provides a high-level overview of the techniques referenced in the Knowledge Areas of the BABOK® Guide. Techniques are methods business analysts use to perform
The techniques described in the BABOK® Guide are intended to cover the most common and widespread techniques practiced within the business analysis community. Business analysts apply their