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4.3 Confirm Elicitation Results
The purpose of Confirm Elicitation Results is to check the information gathered during an elicitation session for accuracy and consistency with other information.
6.4  Define Change Strategy
The purpose of Define Change Strategy is to develop and assess alternative approaches to the change, and then select the recommended approach.
9.3  Business Knowledge
Business knowledge is required for the business analyst to perform effectively within their business, industry, organization, solution, and methodology.
9.4  Communication Skills
Communication is the act of a sender conveying information to a receiver in a method which delivers the meaning the sender intended. Active listening skills help to deepen understanding and trust
5.4 Make an Impact
Every organization emphasizes its desire to make an impact. The organization's vision guides its values and culture. This is established at conception. However, the expression of it can change
5.5 Deliver Often
A customer-centric, agile mindset drives the POA Practitioner's thinking and behaviour towards value maximization. This mindset, combined with a set of practices and techniques, enables
5.7.1 Evolve the Product
Value is delivered when customers use the products and services. Obsessive attention to impact creates the actual realization of value for customers. This is fundamental to recognizing customer
6.20 Real Options
Real Options is used to help determine when to make decisions.
6.23 Spikes
Spikes are used to time-box research, design, exploration, investigation, or prototyping activities to understand the effort required to deliver a backlog item or an initiative.
10.10 Collaborative Games
Business rules analysis is used to identify, express, validate, refine, and organize the rules that shape day-to-day business behaviour and guide operational business decision making.