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10.45 Survey or Questionnaire
A survey or questionnaire presents a set of questions to stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs), whose responses are then collected and analyzed in order to formulate knowledge about the
6.26 Value Modelling
Value modelling focuses solution development on value delivery by tracing decisions to the value perspective of the stakeholder.
4.2  Conduct Elicitation
The purpose of Conduct Elicitation is to draw out, explore, and identify information relevant to the change.
10.36 Prototyping
Prototyping is a proven method for product design. It works by providing an early model of the final result, known as a prototype.
3.2  Plan Stakeholder Engagement
The purpose of Plan Stakeholder Engagement is to plan an approach for establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with the stakeholders.
10.14 Data Mining
Data mining is used to improve decision making by finding useful patterns and insights from data.