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6.21 Reviews
Reviews are used to demonstrate and inspect an increment of the solution with stakeholders to elicit feedback to determine if the solution being developed aligns with the need.
5.6.2 Assess What is Delivered
After choosing the right set of metrics for the product, Product Owners must utilize the information obtained from these metrics. Any metrics used as KPIs must lead to the discovery of new
6.16 Problem Definition Analysis
To effectively solve a problem, knowing and defining the problem that needs to be solved is essential. Problem discovery, problem framing, and problem scenarios and alternatives help to define
10.40 Root Cause Analysis
Root cause analysis is a systematic examination of a problem or situation that focuses on the problem's origin as the proper point of correction rather than dealing only with its effects.
5.1 Apply Foundational Concepts
Organizations must vie for customers' attention in a competitive landscape. Customer expectations have increased, making it harder to maintain customer loyalty. Organizations are challenged with
5.5.2 Product Delivery
Business stakeholders may not know what to expect from product delivery. Unexpected changes can occur frequently due to the nature of validated learning. Continuous communication by the Product
10.3 Balanced Scorecard
The balanced scorecard is used to manage performance in any business model, organizational structure, or business process.