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6.25 Story Mapping
Story Mapping is used to assist in creating an understanding of product functionality and the flow of usage, and to assist with prioritizing product delivery.
10.30 Non-Functional Requirements Analysis
Non-functional requirements (also known as quality attributes or quality of service requirements) are often associated with system solutions, but they also apply more broadly to both process and
6.27 Value Proposition Canvas
The value proposition is the culmination of ideas, customer intimacy, market insights, evidence, and design articulated into a promise of value to be delivered to customers. It demonstrates a
7.1 Specify and Model Requirements
The purpose of Specify and Model Requirements is to analyze, synthesize, and refine elicitation results into requirements and designs.
10.50 Workshops
A workshop is a focused event attended by key stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs) for a concentrated period of time. A workshop may be held for different purposes including planning,
1.1 Purpose of the BABOK® Guide
The primary purpose of the BABOK® Guide  is to define the profession of business analysis and provide a set of commonly accepted practices. It helps practitioners discuss and define the
The core content of the BABOK® Guide is composed of business analysis tasks organized into knowledge areas. Knowledge areas are a collection of logically (but not sequentially) related tasks.
6.5 Decision Modelling and Analysis
Decision modelling shows how repeatable business decisions are made. Decision analysis formally assesses a problem and possible decisions to determine the value of alternate outcomes under