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6.22 Risk Analysis and Management
Risk Analysis and Management identifies areas of uncertainty that could negatively affect value and analyzes and evaluates those uncertainties. It also develops and manages ways of dealing with
6.29 Visioning
Visioning is concisely worded to determine the desired outcome for an initiative.
7.3  Validate Requirements
The purpose of Validate Requirements is to ensure that all requirements and designs align to the business requirements and support the delivery of needed value.
6.2 Business Cases
A business case provides justification for a course of action, based on the benefits to be realized by using the proposed solution, compared to the cost, effort, and other considerations to
10.23 Glossary
A glossary defines key terms relevant to a business domain.
In Memoriam
It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Dr Cecily Macdougall.
10.29 Mind Mapping
Mind mapping is a form of note taking that captures thoughts, ideas, and information in a non-linear diagram.