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6.25 Story Mapping
Story Mapping is used to assist in creating an understanding of product functionality and the flow of usage, and to assist with prioritizing product delivery.
6.27 Value Proposition Canvas
The value proposition is the culmination of ideas, customer intimacy, market insights, evidence, and design articulated into a promise of value to be delivered to customers. It demonstrates a
10.23 Glossary
A glossary defines key terms relevant to a business domain.
10.8 Business Model Canvas
A business model canvas describes how an enterprise creates, delivers, and captures value for and from its customers.
10.9 Business Rules Analysis
Business rules analysis is used to identify, express, validate, refine, and organize the rules that shape day-to-day business behaviour and guide operational business decision making.
1.1 Purpose of the BABOK® Guide
The primary purpose of the BABOK® Guide  is to define the profession of business analysis and provide a set of commonly accepted practices. It helps practitioners discuss and define the
6.19 Product Roadmap
Product Roadmap is a strategic, visual tool used to communicate direction and progress towards the vision for a solution or initiative. It measures progress against that vision by achieving the